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Why You Need To Go To Church – Now More Than Ever

Recently in a “Word for Today” I read about why we should go to church and the article gave us five reasons for going.

But it actually reminded me of something that the Holy Spirit put on my heart a few months ago and I wrote into a personal blog. You may not agree with all this but perhaps you can take something from it:

Why You Need To Go To Church – now more than ever

Not sure if you’ve noticed, but it seems people are going to church less than ever before. I don’t mean less people are going to church; as the percentage of people who identify as Christian lessens that is going to happen. No, I mean Christians are going to church less. Whereas once you might miss once a term, or a couple of weeks when you were on holidays, now it seems the norm for a large percentage of Christians is to attend church fortnightly, or even monthly. And right now, as Christians, we need to rethink this.

Train Up A Child

One of the toughest lessons the Holy Spirit has taught me is to do with Proverbs 22:6. That verse says, “Train up a child in the way he should go and when he is old he will not depart from it”. I couldn’t tell you how many times I have had parents talk to me and say how concerned they are because their child has decided to “stray”, to not walk with Christ. And I have heard other people respond the same as I always did, “keep praying because you have raised your child right so he/she will come back to Christ”. Sounds good, right? Except the Holy Spirit pulled me up on this a few years ago and told me: God never said that. Of course, I argued, I even quoted chapter and verse, but was clearly told to read the verse again.

How many times I have been told that, I don’t know, but I hate hearing it because I’ve never been right yet!

Anyway, I read it and of course I was wrong – God didn’t say the child would come back, He said he wouldn’t depart. Now, this worried me because I have dear friends who I know have raised their kids in church and with Christ. Some have stayed but others have strayed, so I was always careful where I said this revelation. I don’t believe my friends did the wrong thing. Not long ago I was away and visited a different church; on the same week they had a visiting pastor who preached about family.

At the end of the service I really wanted to go out for prayer, it was a burning desire and with adult children it took me a while to work out why.

Then I worked out I wanted prayer because of people we have decide to open our house to. The pastor gave some great advice. He said to make sure that when we welcome the young person at the door to pray before they enter. Pray quietly but pray and command the devil to leave them. Our house is run by God and the devil isn’t welcome.

He went on to explain that he suggests the same thing to parents who are separated or divorced.

Some have commented to him that when their child returns from the other parent (who holds different values to their Christian beliefs) their child takes 3 or 4 days to settle back into the house and house rules; and how many have returned to say this prayer works – as they meet and hug their child they quietly pray for the devil to leave their child, that he isn’t welcome in their home. The devil is stopped at the door and not allowed to enter. And this I believe is why some children do stray when they grow up; nothing to do with the parenting but with the outside influences.

You see, we are not fighting a worldly battle but a spiritual one

Ephesians 6:12

So, what does this have to do with being in church?

I’m going to focus a little on children/teens but the principles apply to everyone. We live in a world that is becoming increasingly “worldly”. The 2016 census found that 52.1% of Australian’s see themselves as Christian. Now, I know one lady who is a Christian because “she is born in a Christian country” – sounds legit, right? She can’t be the only one. That means that less than 52.1% of Australia are actually Christian. This means that every time you send your child to school, surfing, music, sport, art classes, drama, family, bird watching, to visit a friend, or wherever you send them the chances are they will relate to people with influences different to yours.

As the world changes, what your child will be taught at school will change.

Even a Christian school is required to teach the theory of evolution and I know that at my local Christian school this is carefully taught and taught only as a theory. But that thought still enters your child’s mind; there is a chance that without follow up in life, that theory could take hold of your child (or the devil could whisper to your child that this is the correct theory). Every time you allow them to visit a friend, they have about a 50-50 chance of being influenced in a non-Christian way. Am I suggesting you don’t allow your child to associate with non-Christians? Definitely not; we are called to mix with other people, we are called to live in the world. But, we do need to protect our children, and ourselves.

If we don’t find a way to keep our children in church then the world will find a way to keep them out

So, if I am suggesting you still mix in the world you may be wondering what you can do, or why I am suggesting going to church is important. As I spent two sleepless nights pondering this the Holy Spirit suggested to me that if we don’t find a way to keep our children in church then the world will find a way to keep them out of it. If we don’t make church important then our children won’t see church, or God as important. I heard a really good quote in a message recently “God will share your children with the world but the world will not share your children with God.”

I know we think we have legitimate reasons to miss a week:

Sunday is my day to relax.

My bible says “come to me all who are weary and heavy burdened and I will give you rest” (Matthew 11:28)

My child plays sport and they are really good, so they are using the gift God gave them

Agreed, but sport doesn’t run night and day. If sport is in the morning, then find a night church.

I don’t have to go to church to be a Christian.

You certainly don’t, but that is where you will be fed and encouraged.  Your children will also get the balance from being in the world.

But Friday night is family night; we are exhausted and to pick the kids up after youth means I can’t relax.

Sounds legit, but what is your priority.

That last word is important.

What priority are you showing your family?

Our bible explains what the world is going to be like in the last days. Are we living in the last days? Sometimes it sure seems like it but I really couldn’t tell you. People have been saying that we are for the last 35 years.

Let’s see what the bible has to say. Jesus said – more earthquakes, food shortages, nations against nations, old and new diseases (Matthew 24). Paul said, in 2 Timothy 3, people will be lovers of themselves, lovers of money, unnatural affection, no self-control, fierce, lovers of pleasure, false appearance of godliness.

Is this a scare tactic?

Definitely not. But, it is preparation tactic.

As our world becomes increasingly less godly it is important that we go to church more, not less. You may not think it is important for you to be there. Maybe your faith is sealed and secure, but consider what is important for your children. Church, youth groups, church camps and events – the more the better as we get closer to the final days.

Remember: “God will share your children with the world but the world will not share your children with God”
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Adrienne’s Mission in Bali | January – April 2016

Children at KFC Playground


This year I hit the ground running on arrival back from Australia. In Australia I had a great time for relaxing and refreshing. God is so good in all he provides for me. This year in Children's Educationthe Street Centre we have seen an increase. Increase in children, increase in mums, increase in donations. All this, stretching us to increase how much we can bless those we are serving. He knows before we do our every need, so I am learning to trust more in his sovereignty and provision.

Kuta Street Ministry

Children's Increase Health Class
Every Monday night we go onto the streets of Kuta and Denpasar and minister to the mums and kids begging. In Kuta we see mums sitting by as their children try to sell leather bracelets. The mums have sew these together during the day. The kids are not in school and the mums sell these as a way to earn their income. We bring them food and play games with the kids and give them
Children's Group Gamesa break from their work. It is great having this connection with them. I’d love for these kids to also be able to join us for school, except their location is far from our street centre. Travel to get there is not doable at this time.

Increase Love in Community

We had the opportunity to go to the community that these women and children live. Bringing some of the donations our centre has received. We brought hygiene packs, and our interns did a tooth brushing demonstration for the kids to learn about healthy teeth and fresh breath. We also brought books, pencils, and clothes, and packs for the mums we visit, too. The clothes were handed out and many women and children from the streets and community were blessed with a shirt, as well. The kids we visited in Kuta were also blessed with a rice and chicken lunch in KFC.  Thanks to our interns running a fundraiser event before they came. The KFC in Kuta we went to has an indoor playground and the kids had an absolutely fun time being able to play and climb and slide and have the fun of being kids. Bali does not have many playgrounds for children. These children would never have the opportunity to go somewhere with a playground if they’d not joined.

Denpasar Street Ministry

Street Ministry
There are three spots we visit in Denpasar as well. In Denpasar, the women sit by while the children walk between cars, motorbikes and buses stopped at traffic lights and ask for money from the drivers. At one of these places, we have really made some impact and most of the women and children in this place join our centre for school and women for work almost every day. Another place in Denpasar we connected with some women and children and the children were allowed to come to school for about a week and a half, but after that, they stopped. We’ll continue visiting them on the streets and inviting them to school and their mums to work. If we can get the women to work and have enough handicrafts to make, our vision is that they will no longer be on the streets. The children will be able to focus on school, the women will be able to earn an income, and the generational begging will end and the next generation will see children receiving their basic rights of being able to learn and play and grow in a safe, secure environment.

Learning to Read

Children's Education
My learning to read class has also expanded and now we split the class into two groups. One with students still learning the basics of joining letter sounds together to create words. The second class is the students that have been in longer, or had some previous education, and can read, but now learning to read more complex words, increase their writing abilities and also
Children's Educationadd mathematics, science, and social studies to their education.

Passion for Life

This month we have welcomed a new teacher and admin staff for our centre. Defry has made a good connection with the kids and even with no previous teaching experience, he has helped these kids grow and making a connection with them even in a short time.
We are preparing every day for our World Street Kid’s Day fundraiser. The kids will be singing a song, empowering them about becoming anything great in their futures. This has been a big theme I have been talking with my students about in classes this past year. The kids can share with me how they want to be teachers, cooks, professional soccer players, or some students still working out where their passions lie and have many different ideas of what they might like to become. It is great seeing these kids have dreams for becoming anything great, and through providing them with education, I hope I can see some of these dreams come to fruition.
These kids found a cricket bug in the long grass and spent ages watching it and learning

These kids found a cricket bug in the long grass and spent ages watching it and learning

Preschool Class and Games

We also have many young children in our centre five years old and under. These children come with their mums who come for work. So that the women can concentrate on their work, we provide the young children with activities to keep them busy, but also to help them learn. Through puzzles, fun memory card games, songs, stories, building with Lego,
Children's Group Games

drawing, playing with toy cars, these kids are given many opportunities for development they would not receive staying in their impoverished homes all day where they may just have a stick and some dirt to play with – though I don’t underestimate the learning and creativity that can happen with nature, either. Through participating in these activities, the children are learning social skills such as sharing, waiting for their turn, creativity, cognitive development (thinking skills and problem solving) and becoming more settled in their environment and connecting with staff and each other.

Settling in

Children CreatingJust last week I was observing a brother (5years) and sister (3years). They have just been in the centre a few weeks and I observed that in the beginning they wouldn’t leave their mum in the workshop, then slowly they’d go through the rest of the centre, but doing their own thing – like running around or taking something another child had. Now I see them participating in games, and spending time colouring in a picture for a long period of time, experimenting with using different colours, or covering their entire picture in red, then going from person to person with his picture looking for approval to see if he has done a good job, whereas before he would not show interest in drawing, or even what others thought of his work.

Developing Characters

These are the opportunities that we can see that we provide our children with, as they come into the centre. It’s more than just teaching reading and writing. More than just feeding them. It’s developing their characters and showing them a new world. We’re developing their minds to think about something bigger that maybe they would never have thought possible before.
Sometimes in the craziness of life I can get caught up in the day to day routines and organising outings, visitors and events. Within that, there are the little moments, like observing new children settle in the centre. It’s joy to see a child read a word they’ve been struggling with. And always giving – and receiving – hugs. These little moments are what remind me why I started here in the first place: To bring God’s love and joy to these children.
Praise Points
  • Always thank God that we have many children and women in the centre.
  • Always praise God for my sponsors, faithfully giving each month and helping me to stay here, serving these people in Bali
  • I had an accident the other week and whilst I may not always praise God that I fell. I can praise God that apart from some bruised knees and sore back – which I hope a massage will fix – I have walked away without injury. God always looks after me.
  • Amazing staff and friends in Bali Life that I work here with
Prayer Requests
  • Safety in my time here
  • New friendships growing stronger in Global church that I can have support network here in Bali
  • Children that we have been visiting on the streets can come back to the centre and be off the streets
  • Children continue growing their dreams and desires for their futures
  • World Street Kid’s Day fundraiser event is a success. We get the funding we need for our centre for another year
Contact Details
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 Blessings in Christ,
Adrienne Stone
Children Creating

Drawing animals at Sanur Festival

He found a hermit crab on the beach

He found a hermit crab on the beach

Climbing trees in Kuta

Climbing trees in Kuta

Children at KFC Playground

Children at KFC Playground


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Adrienne’s Mission in Bali | November – December 2015

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year


This year has been a big year with many things happening. I got a motor bike, which provides a world of independence, I moved to Denpasar into a simple apartment, and started serving in the Street Ministry and Street Centre. November and December in Bali Life can become quite busy as we have visitors and various Christmas events.
Children's Computer Class

Bridging School

Five of our children from our second class sat a test at the beginning of December. In January they will begin studying through bridging school with our other teacher. This will give opportunity for them to enter formal school in July 2016. I am so excited to see them learn and grow this year and transition to formal school. We also have three new laptops to help our kids learn computer skills to further their future opportunities.
Children Drawing

Children Drawing in Free Time

Reading Class

Our reading class is growing as we have more children coming in to the centre this year. It is great to see more children come in and learn, seeing them get more excited as their skills continue to grow. We have some volunteers coming in to help, some from KRIK, a Norwegian Bible School, or others who come as interns or short-term volunteers. They are valuable in spending time with our kids and assisting in the classes. It would be great for us to have extra volunteers who can speak Bahasa Indonesia and help to teach our children more in depth. With more children coming into our centre, the first class now has children of varying levels and another teacher would really be an asset for their learning. I would be very grateful for everyone to join in praying for us to have another teacher who can join our Street Centre team, with a heart to serve these children.

Holiday Rest

Being in Australia over Christmas and the New Year has been a blessing. My body, soul and spirit needed this time of rest and I have seen how God works to provide what his children need, even before we know it. I am so grateful for those who have supported me in my time here, transport, accommodation, financial support, and also those just being friends, ready to spend time with me and talk. I praise God for those who have helped me in this time.

New Year

Looking ahead to 2016, I don’t know all that this year will bring, but I do know, and want to encourage you all, that even though we may not know the work God is doing, as we trust in him and keep pushing forward, we will get that breakthrough and be able to look back and see how his hand has been working through all our situations.
Prayer Requests
*New Teacher
*Continued Health and Safety
*More children and mums in our centre and off the streets
Praise Points
*Visa has been approved for my return to Bali
*Amazing friends and supporters during my time in Australia
*Time of rest
Blessings in Christ,
Adrienne Stone
Contact Details
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Or their Facebook page:
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Adrienne’s Mission in Bali | September – October 2015


Reading Stories

Reading Stories
In my past newsletters, I have told about the progress teaching some of our students to read basic sight words. Over these past two months, I was also reading to some students. We have some favourites: “Where’s my Teddy?” and “Nicky and the Big Bad Wolves”. Children also enjoy reading “Charlie Cook’s Favourite Book”, “Shh! Little Mouse” and others. These stories are in English, but read aloud in Indonesian to the kids. Story time has turned into one of the children’s favourite parts of the day where we can read stories, with lots of interactions as the children get to know the stories well. Through these times, though, the kids are growing a love for literacy and eagerness for reading. One of the younger students now searches for Indonesian stories, and spends some of her free time practicing reading on her own. When children grow a love for reading, they automatically grow in learning.
Children's Education

Reading in Class

Originally, when I would teach various subjects to the kids, like science or social studies, I would read to the kids and encourage them to listen, with comprehension questions afterwards. Since noticing the kids getting better in some of their reading skills outside of the classroom, I encouraged students to take turns reading the text books in class. Now they are learning to read and understand what they are reading, in context. This is helping the older students to understand why reading on their own is important for learning, not just for the sake of stories. The cool thing that I’ve also noticed, is some of the more confident readers, encourage and help the lower level readers when it is their turn to read. The kids are becoming settled in the centre, supporting and encouraging one and other to continue learning to achieve their goals.

Street Ministry

Children's Story Time, Street Ministry
One of the other fun parts we have started doing is bringing some of the stories to the streets to read with the kids when we meet them. Now when we go to the streets, our evenings vary, with either music activities, colouring in, or reading stories, or a combination of any of them. Over October, some of the kids and mums have also been coming to learn and work at the centre with us during the day. We have noticed that on the days they come to the Centre, they either do not go to the streets, or they go home early from the streets, which is awesome, seeing their lives slowly change as they spend time in the Centre.

Street Mums Joining Street Centre

The connections we make are real and significant to the kids and mums. One of the mums were sharing with one of our staff members and says she feels accepted in with the other women and also likes working with us because everyone is patient to help her learn and grow her skills for making the products. The kids are also making connections and friends with each other as they learn together. Another testimony I experienced about the significance of connecting with the kids, some may have seen on my Facebook post: “When I was on my way home [the other week] I met some of the kids on the street, whilst waiting for the lights to change green, I was gifted with [some] beautiful flowers from one of the kids.” These kids don’t have a lot to give, but they are still kids, they like to show their love and appreciation for those who care for them. They gave the simple gift, but it shone brighter than a diamond necklace. The impact someone has on a child is never forgotten. Make sure your impacts are positive.

Visa Flights

Some may be wondering when my next trip is to Australia. I had a few issues with changing and organising some flights in the beginning of September, but now I have organised my return. I am taking a flight to Singapore this Saturday – 7thNovember – and coming back to Bali with a new visa. Please pray for all my safe travels and visa processes to go smoothly back into Bali. After the trip to Singapore I will organise my return flights to Bali, aiming for early January next year.

Women’s Workshop

Since I will be in Australia over Christmas, I would like to bring some handicrafts that our women make in the Centre. Perhaps people will be interested in giving some as Christmas gifts or just buying for personal use. We have rag-dolls and teddies, glasses made from old glass bottles, bracelets, and paper bags made from recycling magazine pages. If anyone is interested in purchasing any of these products, let me know so I can bring some with me. Colours and designs may vary slightly, but the basic shape (e.g. the type of doll) can be ordered, and depending on creativity of women and materials available, what colours or designs are created. This gives uniqueness for each of the items sold.

The women always appreciate the work and support you can provide. More photos and prices can be sent to your inbox, if you let me know what you are interested in. If I can get an idea of what people are more interested in, I can then bring more to be sold in Australia, all the proceeds go back to the women who make them and into the Street Centre for purchasing materials for creating these items.

Women's Workshop

Recycled Magazine Bags

Women's Workshop

Bracelets – bracelets brought will have the final connecting piece on the end for joining the bracelet ends around the wrist

Women's Workshop

Rag Dolls

Women's Workshop

Culture Dolls wearing Indonesian Kebaya

Women's Workshop

Small Monster Dolls

Women's Workshop

Medium Monster Dolls

Women's Workshop

Cat Dolls

Women's Workshop

Culture Dolls wearing Hijab

Women's Workshop

Glasses from upcycled glass bottles

Women's Workshop

Decorated Glasses from upcycled glass bottles

Women's Workshop

Flower pins / hair accessories

Praise Points
*Continued health and safety
*Children are growing in their skills
*More kids and mums are in the Centre

Prayer Requests
*Over time kids and mums stop going on the streets
*God’s continued protection and presence in my life here
*Safety and smooth processes for Visas.
Blessings in Christ,
Adrienne Stone
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Adrienne’s Mission in Bali | July – August 2015

Spelling Game

I have been thinking these past few months about education. Well, this would seem natural, being in a teaching position. The other week I read in the Word, “Not many of you should presume to be teachers, my brothers, because you know that we who teach will be judged more strictly.” (James 3:1). I giggle at myself because I, like most of us I think, do not like being judged for my job. Yet, here I am, teaching, and judged more strictly for it. Education is such an important part of life, someone once told me that we learn something new every day. I was in middle school when I heard this, and naturally I thought this was talking about education in school. As I’m growing up, I’ve remembered that phrase and I realise, education and learning is not always from the classroom.

Every day I can learn something, about the world, about the people around me, about God, and about myself. However, the majority of what I learn is because I have learned something else previously. I can build upon what I already know. One of the most important things we can gain education in is the written word. When I was studying at Bible college, one of my teachers liked to remind us, “Give a man a fish, you’ll feed him for a day; teach a man to fish, you’ll feed him for a lifetime.” So these past two months have been most rewarding as I have settled in my new role at Bali Life Street Centre.

Four Rs: Reading, ‘Riting, ‘Rithmatic, Respect.

Learning brings purpose
In my class we have four regular students. Their ages are 5 years old, 7 years old, 11years old, and 14 years old, and then on occasion, more students join to learn, too. Why such a wide age-range? Because their education level is the same – i.e.: Grade 1. Sure, it’s cute when a 7year old learns to read and you can listen to them stumble over new words and definitely feel pride in how they have learned, and great to watch a five year old counting toys as he learns addition – beyond counting his fingers on two hands. However, one of the most rewarding parts of this job for me is when the eleven and fourteen year olds can read, and read with confidence. I began teaching them sight words early in my time here, so they weren’t sounding out every single word, but able to see a word and immediately know what it was. Through learning to read, these children are able to walk into a whole new world of learning.

Seeds of Life

If a child can learn to read, he or she can learn anything. As long as there is something written in a language he or she knows. Teach a child to read and he can learn his entire life. However, as James points out, being a teacher is not an easy job. It’s a role of responsibility and leadership. It’s a humbling feeling to have children look up to me as a mentor, and knowing that I can help them. But our centre is more than just teaching kids to read and write, or how to pass into middle school. We teach character. Some of these kids have been brushed aside, by their parents and others in authority, forgotten by society, ignored. At the street centre, we have the opportunity to sow seeds of life. We’re teaching children that they are loved, respected, and have a purpose. Also teaching them how to love and respect others. Aside from the kids in my class, we also have teens and preteens who have dropped out of school. These kids do know how to read and write. They want to further their education in order to complete the national test to enter middle school or high school. Every day we learn something. I’m glad to be able to teach reading, writing and arithmetic, but respect, character and morals take these kids a whole lot further into their future. Mostly it comes through leading by example, which is a big deal. I get to show them that they are important. They have value, respect and purpose in life.

What I learned on holidays


In July I had the opportunity to go to Java for a holiday with some teens from our children’s home. Whilst it was a fun, relaxing four day holiday, I also had the opportunity for learning. On the way to our destination, we went up a mountain. On the side of the mountain, I heard a shout. At first I thought they were peddlers trying to sell things, and then I asked our host about it. She told me they were kids and elderly begging. I saw the kids and elderly were dropped off at the mountain each day to beg as cars, bikes, buses and trucks drove past. Then I noticed people literally throwing small change out their windows, and kids running into the road, dodging cars, bikes, buses and trucks, to retrieve that money.

Everywhere in Indonesia needs help. These kids would not be on the streets if they were in education. These kids would not be risking their lives on the side of a mountain if they were in a class room, learning. Bali Life motto is Hope, Dignity and Purpose. These children and women do not have much dignity in their life of begging. It’s the same whether it’s in Bali or Java or wherever. Begging isn’t dignified, and it’s not living out their purpose. I am glad to teach the kids I can, to read and write, but it also opens up their mind to think about their purpose and give them hope for a life of dignity. Jeremiah 29:11 says, “I know the plans I have for you, plans…to give you hope and a future.” Their life has purpose and hope.

Life of Purpose

Story Time

Stories for character development with K’Riska

The other week I was teaching the kids a social studies subject and something came up along the lines of occupations. That brought up every child, at least in the west, likes to talk about: “What do you want to be when you grow up?” Another way of asking this is, “What is your future desire?” My two young students wanted to be a doctor and a police officer. My older kids said they wanted to go into middle school.

Purpose on Streets?

Last week I was on the street and meeting with some other kids who do not come to our centre, and I was talking with a twelve year old boy. He said he went to school in grade 1, but dropped out and can only read a little bit. So I asked him the same question I had asked the kids in the centre, his answer broke my heart.

He said he didn’t have a future desire. Upon further questioning, he said he used to want to be a police officer, but now felt he couldn’t do that. I encouraged him to come to school with me to read and write, and encouraged him that there are other kids his age who are learning at the same level as him. He was really eager to come, unfortunately, the next day he didn’t show up. Perhaps his parents did not want him to come, or he was shy. Nevertheless, I remember him and will invite him again when I see him next. Bringing this back around, the children in our centre can begin to think about their future, seeing hope for their future. I feel so full to teach them, but I am aware there are so many more who are still not reached with education.

 Praise Points
*Every day God’s grace and protection keep me safe here. Especially as I’m on the roads with children on my bike to take them to and from school
*We have a new Indonesian teacher three days a week for our older class. To teach them and help them pass their national exam to enter formal education
*Our children are growing in their characters and growing dreams for their future
*More projects for our women to continue creating products and earn their income in the Women’s Workshop
Prayer Requests
*The children who do not yet attend can come to school and learn
*God’s continued protection and presence in my life here
*Continued strength, health and safety to teach these children
*VISA approval continues
Blessings in Christ,
Adrienne Stone
Contact Details
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Or their Facebook page: