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Adrienne’s Mission in Bali | November – December 2015

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year


This year has been a big year with many things happening. I got a motor bike, which provides a world of independence, I moved to Denpasar into a simple apartment, and started serving in the Street Ministry and Street Centre. November and December in Bali Life can become quite busy as we have visitors and various Christmas events.
Children's Computer Class

Bridging School

Five of our children from our second class sat a test at the beginning of December. In January they will begin studying through bridging school with our other teacher. This will give opportunity for them to enter formal school in July 2016. I am so excited to see them learn and grow this year and transition to formal school. We also have three new laptops to help our kids learn computer skills to further their future opportunities.
Children Drawing

Children Drawing in Free Time

Reading Class

Our reading class is growing as we have more children coming in to the centre this year. It is great to see more children come in and learn, seeing them get more excited as their skills continue to grow. We have some volunteers coming in to help, some from KRIK, a Norwegian Bible School, or others who come as interns or short-term volunteers. They are valuable in spending time with our kids and assisting in the classes. It would be great for us to have extra volunteers who can speak Bahasa Indonesia and help to teach our children more in depth. With more children coming into our centre, the first class now has children of varying levels and another teacher would really be an asset for their learning. I would be very grateful for everyone to join in praying for us to have another teacher who can join our Street Centre team, with a heart to serve these children.

Holiday Rest

Being in Australia over Christmas and the New Year has been a blessing. My body, soul and spirit needed this time of rest and I have seen how God works to provide what his children need, even before we know it. I am so grateful for those who have supported me in my time here, transport, accommodation, financial support, and also those just being friends, ready to spend time with me and talk. I praise God for those who have helped me in this time.

New Year

Looking ahead to 2016, I don’t know all that this year will bring, but I do know, and want to encourage you all, that even though we may not know the work God is doing, as we trust in him and keep pushing forward, we will get that breakthrough and be able to look back and see how his hand has been working through all our situations.
Prayer Requests
*New Teacher
*Continued Health and Safety
*More children and mums in our centre and off the streets
Praise Points
*Visa has been approved for my return to Bali
*Amazing friends and supporters during my time in Australia
*Time of rest
Blessings in Christ,
Adrienne Stone
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Adrienne’s Mission in Bali | May – June 2015

As I sit to write to you, I am in awe of how much God has done in me. Not only these past two months, but also this past year. For it has now been one year of ministry and service in Bali. One thing I am reminded of in life is: Seasons come and go. It is great to see that as life comes to a crossroads of change, God brings other people into our path to bring everything together. He never leaves something incomplete.
Thank you to all who have supported me and travelled along this journey with me. I have learned so much in my time here. With God’s help, the Women’s Centre has grown and impacted many women. Thank you for all who prayed for my trip to Singapore. I had a safe trip and found a gorgeous café where I could just sit and rest and read for 3 hours. Exactly what my tired body needed. I then wandered down the road and found a park with some gorgeous trees. I even spotted two squirrels running up trees, but they were so fast I could not get a photo of them. Even though it was a short trip, it was refreshing, and God showed me he’s looking after me in it all. I even met someone to share a taxi back to the airport for my return flight, which really helped with paying the fare. It’s the small things that we can look back on and know we are never alone, even when we may know no one else in the entire country.

Women’s Centre

We welcomed in Ibu Monika and two of children – Ing and Igo – mid-May. Monika’s husband passed away a year ago due to an infection and insufficient medical treatment. One of Monika’s relatives joined us for lessons at Bali Life and told Ibu Monika about our program here. This gave Ibu Monika hope for her children and her future. She got on a boat and travelled for four days to get here. When they arrived, her children, Ing and Igo were shy, withdrawn and would barely eat or speak. Almost two months later, they are funny, smiley, happy kids, with extreme appetites for food and for life. Ibu Monika has started English, sewing, computer and counselling classes throughout the week, all part of gaining skills to find a job and put her on a path to independence. When Monika came here, she left her oldest son – Andre, 13years old – with her relatives, so he could finish his school year and get his report. He will join us in the beginning of July and enrol for middle school with the other Bali Life kids as well as his younger siblings. We pray this is a happy reunion for their family and that Andre settles into the Bali Life Women’s Centre Home with ease.

Community Outreach

Women's Hair Styles

We have finished teaching English at Goa Gong, but once a week Sue or Feny join our volunteer, Ellen, to another community in Bayu to teach English again and build relationship with these women so they can know about our centre and the safe place of learning that we offer. Through our relationship with the women in Goa Gong, two boys have joined us for learning some basic education skills with Feny twice a week. Through these lessons, they will gain the foundation of learning so that they can be accepted into formal school and be set on a path to a brighter future.

In June, we had a visit from a husband and wife – Michael and Cheryl – from Women's Hair StylesSydney, and they blessed our women with haircuts and new styles. The mum of one of our boys who come for lessons, Ibu Adel, is usually a very quiet, withdrawn girl and lacking in confidence. I was able to pick her up and bring her for a haircut that day, thanks to the independence from having my own transport. After getting her new hair cut, Sue found a dress that had been donated, and it fit her perfectly. When she looked into the mirror, she exclaimed in surprise, “I’m beautiful.” The girl who climbed on my bike in the morning, climbed off it completely transformed and confident that afternoon when I brought her home. Thank you for regular donations that help us build confidence and smiles in these women.


Children's English Class
I was looking over my records last month and we have over 70 different children that have come into our centre for lessons and games since July 2014 until June 2015. That is such an opportunity for impacting these children. I am so proud of how much these kids have learned in English. I said in my last newsletter that I can really see the difference in kids that come all the time and the ones who come only sometimes, or have joined us more recently. More than that, though, KidZone opens a place for kids to have fun, share experiences, participate in group activities, and gain confidence and build friendships. These past few weeks our second class has grown with more students. I am excited to see this program continue growing and making an impact in the community. The Women’s Centre has been blessed with Elinor, from Sweden, volunteering her weeks with us these past three months. She has been helping teach, play games, and just being a happy presence in this Centre for the women and children to connect with through KidZone time.

Street Kids Ministry

Street MinistryMonday evenings I join the street ministry team to meet children and mums begging on the streets. We bring food and fun for the kids, talk with the mums, and pray and bring medicine for anyone who is sick, but the real purpose of our visits is to invite them to the Street Centre. At the Street Centre, children can learn to read and write and further their education. Mums Street Ministrycan work, making handicrafts for various businesses we have contact with, and earn a daily income. Through the ministry at the street centre, we get children off the streets. We can influence them with a greater sense of purpose and well-being and hope for their future.

Visiting a Village

Through these visits, we have been able to build close relationships with some of these families. In May they invited us to their home in their village for a birthday ceremony for one of their kids. We woke early and drove up for 3 hours to their village. Up dirt-roads in mountains, then had to park the car and walk or get motor bikes down narrow roads the rest of the way. It was beautiful to see how simple their home is, one-two room buildings, dirt floors. Cooking with a pot on a fire and taking water from a well.  They did have electricity. They seemed to have so little in comparison to what we have but they share everything with smiles and joy. I am looking forward to our next invite to see them all again.

Street Centre

Children's Education

Through my visits each Wednesday helping at the street centre, I just fell in love with those kids and mums. I grew a vision for how to help grow the lessons and program there. See the kids in school, off the streets, breaking the cycle of poverty for them. I prayed and talked with mentors and as of June 15th, my ministry in Bali Life has moved from Ungasan with the Children’s Home and Women’s Centre, to Denpasar, working with the Street Centre.

We have two classes, and I teach the younger, or lower level, students. I am teaching letter-sound recognition and joining letters together to make words, and forming letters and words on paper. Also some mathematics – number symbols, counting, addition and subtraction, and other basic level math. I also teach English to the mums and kids in both classes each week. We also hope to bring more to the program by including some more character-building activities. We’ll play group games, share stories, and sing songs. All to impart into the children on a deeper level than just regular education.

Kids Painting

Children enjoy painting and drawing with part-time volunteers who visit us

Final Wishes for Women’s Centre

I have not just left the Women’s Centre lessons with nothing, KidZone will continue with other volunteers. Ellen has been teaching these past two weeks and when she goes home, we have other volunteers ready. Sue also teaches the women English. I am glad for my part in the Women’s Centre this past year, but I feel my time is completed. More women from the community know the centre. More women will continue to know of it through word of mouth and the Holy Spirit bringing people in. I am so excited for this next path on my journey. Looking forward to what this next year will bring, what God will teach me and where he will lead me.
Praise Reports
*Health and safety in all my travels. This is always a big prayer need because without health and safety I cannot do what I do. So thank you for always praying for me in this area.
*I have a new place to stay which is really close to the centre
*My transition into the centre is going well and settling into the routine there
*Chances to impact people like Ibu Adel and Ibu Monika and their children
Prayer Requests
*More children come into the centre
*More volunteers come to share their skills and teach at the Women’s Centre, Children’s Home and Street Centre
*Continued opportunity for going to the villages and making connection with families
*Opportunities to pray with the children and women
*That I may be a vessel bringing God’s love to these children and mums
*Strength as I continue ministering in the Street Centre
Contact Details
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Or their Facebook page:
Blessings in Christ,


Adrienne Stone
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Adrienne’s Mission in Bali | July – August 2014

Hindu girls on their way back from the ceremony
 Welcome to the third edition of my Mission updates. First I’d like to say a HUGE thank you to all my sponsors, friends and family who are spending time praying for me and giving financially to support me here. I know God is answering your prayers because he is moving in this place. So much has happened these past two months that I had to go through all my photos to remind myself of everything I had to share with you. Praise God for his overwhelming love and blessings as each day we learn more about his love, peace, patience, power, strength and might over our lives.

Bali Life English

Anais and Pauline teaching English with the stained whiteboard on the ground behind them

Anais and Pauline teaching English with the
stained whiteboard on the ground behind them

 In my last newsletter we had Anais and Pauline here from France to help teach English. Anais returned last month and Pauline will return in a few days. In farewelling them, we also welcome Melanie. Melanie is from Perth who is doing a great job teaching the staff as well as the intermediate class at Bali Life.
Melanie with some of the Bali Life Children's Staff: Ibu Desi, Ika and Mey

Melanie with some of the Bali Life
Children’s Staff: Ibu Desi, Ika and Mey

The students are learning all different topics, from Body parts with beginners all the way to past tense forms and homophones in the advanced classes.
The kids in primary school have been blessed to go to a new school. This has many extracurricular activities in the afternoons available to them, as well as Saturdays off. This is quite exciting for the kids as Indonesian public schools run Monday – Saturday. As a result of the extracurricular, I now teach on a Saturday morning and take a day of rest from teaching on a Wednesday.
Children learning with whiteboard mounted and the walls freshened behind them

Children learning with whiteboard mounted
and the walls freshened behind them

Last month our classroom had a complete makeover thanks to Christine and Geoff Graham from Perth. They came and organised the library books, painted the walls, and cleaned and mounted the whiteboard onto the wall.
Now the classroom is fresh and has a new atmosphere as the students enter in to their new learning environment. We are so grateful for their hard work!


First week 11 Students 2nd week we had to ditch the tables as so many kids came

First week 11 Students 2nd week we had to
ditch the tables as so many kids came

At the end of July, Sue, Feny and I visited the local primary school and invited the kids to learn English for a small fee (to cover books, pens and other resources we provide), at Bali Life Women’s Centre. Their response was overwhelming. It quickly grew from 11 children the first week, to two classes with 20 children enrolled in each group five weeks later. Plus a waiting list with 5 children waiting for spaces to open up. This is one of my favourite days to teach as these kids, unlike Bali Life kids, do not know Jesus and I get to slowly introduce Jesus to them. Over the past 6 weeks we have covered: Colours, Days and Months and together learned the colourful coat Joseph received because his father loved him. We also learned the story of Creation and how God made something new each day of the week.

But despite sitting on the floor in a small space... (1st group)

But despite sitting on the floor in a small space…
(1st group)

...the kids continued coming ...and we had to expand! (2nd group)…the kids continued coming
…and we had to expand! (2nd group)

Women’s English

Women's Evening Class

Women’s Evening Class

As mums came in to the Bali Life Women’s Centre for their children to learn, they began asking about lessons for themselves and we quickly told them about our English Classes on a Tuesday. So we have two classes for these mums on a Tuesday.We have a morning class, for mums to come to learn while their children are at school. As well as another in the evening, for mums who may have a day job.


Feny teaching and playing with kids while their mums learn with me

Feny teaching and playing with kids while their mums learn with me

Between my morning class and my evening class, on Tuesday afternoons, I travel about 15-20mins away to a village called Guagong and visit a community of poor women who live together in a kost-kostan (compound) and teach these five in their home. They are all between 20 and 30 years old with young children, most under 5years old. These women are so eager to learn so that they can help their children when their children go to school. A few weeks ago we were also able to bless these women with some vegetables from our garden at the Women’s Centre. We hope to provide them with a basic first aid kit and medical supplies – like betadine and children’s panadol – as they have nothing available to help, when their children get injured, and no finances available to buy these supplies for themselves. In addition to teaching them English, we spend some time with their kids, and despite having nothing, the kids are full of so much love for life.

Guagong Women Learning English

Guagong Women Learning English

First Monthly Workshop: Health and Wellbeing

Women practice some stretching for their health

Women practice some stretching for their health

We held our first Monthly Women’s Workshop in August, we invited women from our English classes and the school, and on the day we had twelve women come to learn about health and beauty. We had a woman lined up to teach the women about make-up, but we got a phone call that morning and she had been in an accident and unable to make it. Praise God that she was fine and He also worked out all things for good, because the women were able to learn some more about Women’s Health and Well-being and are now looking forward to our next Workshop in September where they can learn about Beauty and Make-Up. The women from Guagong also hope to join us. We hope that through these workshops we create a safe environment for women to talk about women’s health, which normally wouldn’t get talked about in their culture, but is so important for women to know about for their own health.

Sewing Workshop

Women choosing materials

Women choosing materials

As a result of the health workshop, we invited women to learn sewing for two weeks while Terese was here from Coffs Harbour. She taught three days each week for two weeks. We had 3-4 women each session, sometimes two sessions a day. Now she has returned, we are praying for a new sewing teacher because the women want to continue learning. New women are hearing about it and wanting to learn as well.

Computer Class

It's best to learn by trying

It’s best to learn by trying

Bali Life has two volunteers from Holland with us for two months. They are helping out in various areas, farming and with kids wherever they can lend a hand. They have also come to help at the women’s centre to teach computer skills to some of the women who want to build skills. We are praying for a long-term computer teacher for these women, as after two months, they will be without a teacher.

Kid’s Club

26 kids at our first Kid's Club with Swen and Camiel

26 kids at our first Kid’s Club with Swen and Camiel

In addition to teaching computer to women on a Thursday evening, these guys spend some time with kids, from Thursday’s KidZone. On a Friday afternoon they organise playing games and having fun competitions with the kids. The kids had a ball the first two weeks and are looking forward to the next one.


Independence Day

Kids line up ready for a balloon race

Kids line up ready for a balloon race

Speaking of competitions, kids LOVE them. In August we celebrated Indonesian Independence Day. It was great seeing Bali Life Kids and KidZone kids join together for some fun competitions. Like their traditional Krupuk eating contest, or a balloon race and obstacle course.



Hindu girls on their way back from the ceremony

Hindu girls on their way back
from the ceremony

It was awesome having the opportunity to go to the traditional markets in Sukowati last month. Though the heat and noise of everyone asking me to buy something wasn’t my thing, we happened to be there the same day a ceremony was happening. After lunch we all gathered to watch as 300 families participated in this ceremony. Dressed in traditional clothes, walking down the main street, stopping traffic in both directions. They headed to the river for their religious ceremony. It was a wonderful opportunity. Not everyone can see this, but behind their beautiful clothes, it saddens me how they are lost in spirit. This was a big reminder that what others see as beautiful is actually a hidden battle of spiritual warfare. Especially as we are here to shine Christ’s love and God’s truth.
Praise Reports
*Continued health and safety
*I am able to share with the kids a little about Jesus through English
*New Printer-photocopier-scanner has been donated for the women’s centre
*Bali Life kids’ opportunity at their new school
*Many women and children who are coming into our centre
Prayer Requests
*At the end of October I head back to Australia for a few weeks. I will attend my friends’ wedding as well as renew my visa. I am looking forward to catching up with family, friends and supporters in that time. Please pray for safety again in my travels.
*Visa continues to be accepted and processes easily and quickly in Australia, so I can return to my Bali home
*No more clothes go missing (as two of my shirts have already disappeared)
Contact Details
Check out more info at
Or their Facebook page:
Blessings in Christ,


Adrienne Stone
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Dear Earth

dear earth

I wrote this poem ‘Dear Earth’ as a cry to the world. I was in my early twenties. Social justice was high in my thoughts. It’s not fair if so many people suffer while so many other people are greedy and wasteful. It would be nice if there was no citizenship except that we all belong to the same earth and we all look after each other as well as we are able. No one person controlling all. None with out, none with abundance, but a balanced life.

Dear Earth,

Please stop the hate, the tears, the pain
I can’t take this another day
Another day to hear the sadness
The trials and pain, never any gladness
Humanity is lost to lies, deceit and murder
Did we never learn to love one another?
I hear of the hurt people live out each day
Walk out the door, in my work and school
Day after day in my town and on the news
They’ve families and friends, just like you
Hate and scorn and hidden, double lives
How could we forget our children and our wives?
When did we decide to lower our value?
When did lust and greed decide for us?
Innocence is lost, another sunset over
Holiness is the standard set but we turn
Further from the truth, the grace sent to us
How can we refuse and live our own way?
He set the standard, the way, truth and life
To love one another shouldn’t be that hard
But again, bombs, guns, explosions, death
Rape, murders, suicides, and sex-slaves
Across the oceans, in our homes
When will the hating, the fighting end?
When will love be the chosen rule?
Jesus please save us from ourselves
Teach us a new way to live our life
To care for each other and share love
With the strength Jesus gives to show
The ultimate love they all need to know
~ Adrienne Stone
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Stranger Danger…or is it?



I was sitting in Centrelink with my sister and looking around at all the people waiting there. It made me go back to college days when we had to write a list of all the people in our lives by category. Intimate friends/family, other friends, and acquaintances. As I looked around I saw many faces that weren’t even acquaintances. I realised, by category, they were strangers.

How distant and sad that word is. We teach our kids about stranger danger and keeping away from people we don’t know. As if the lady playing with her baby in line behind us is out to get us all. I’m sure she has better things on her mind. Strangers aren’t dangers. There can be dangerous people out there, but that doesn’t mean we should avoid all people we don’t know. When I looked around, these strangers weren’t dangerous or scary. They actually looked just like me or you.

Regular people with regular lives. Some old, some young, some with kids, a friend or partner, some had tattoos or rings, some had nice clothes, some raggy, but take away what they had or where they were, they were just the same as me or you.

Act in love

What if instead of avoiding strangers, we taught our children to love them? By all means, teach safety, but teach them to love above all. These people are just that: people. They have friends, family and a life. They might have dreams or struggles, wants and needs. The biggest need of all is their need for their saviour.

What if instead of teaching our kids to avoid strangers, we taught them about love. Get to know them, encourage our children to talk to the person waiting in line with them. Get to know their names, where they live – maybe not actual home address, but local or perhaps they’re someone travelling through. People live in such a secluded world nowadays. We need to get back to the idea of community. The world isn’t a scary place. It wasn’t intended for that. Get back into the flow of making friends and getting to know people around you.

And don’t try saying, “I wouldn’t know where to start.” Usually a “Hi, my name’s ___, what’s yours?” Goes a long way. And even if you get a strange look every now and then, keep trying and talk some more, to others around you. You don’t have to become everyone’s best friend, but let them know that you’re not a scary person, and hey, they’re probably not that scary either.

Aren’t we called to go out and reach others? Yet we can’t do that if we live in our bubble wrap society with like-minded people, only. Note that last word. Only. It’s good to have like-minded people, but if they’re the only ones around us, then who are we reaching out to? There’s a lonely world out there, just wanting to know that they are loved. They aren’t alone and there is a God. That God is good and he loves them. Let’s start being disciples and sharing God’s love with the world. Starting with those around us.