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Adrienne’s Mission in Bali | July – August 2015

Spelling Game

I have been thinking these past few months about education. Well, this would seem natural, being in a teaching position. The other week I read in the Word, “Not many of you should presume to be teachers, my brothers, because you know that we who teach will be judged more strictly.” (James 3:1). I giggle at myself because I, like most of us I think, do not like being judged for my job. Yet, here I am, teaching, and judged more strictly for it. Education is such an important part of life, someone once told me that we learn something new every day. I was in middle school when I heard this, and naturally I thought this was talking about education in school. As I’m growing up, I’ve remembered that phrase and I realise, education and learning is not always from the classroom.

Every day I can learn something, about the world, about the people around me, about God, and about myself. However, the majority of what I learn is because I have learned something else previously. I can build upon what I already know. One of the most important things we can gain education in is the written word. When I was studying at Bible college, one of my teachers liked to remind us, “Give a man a fish, you’ll feed him for a day; teach a man to fish, you’ll feed him for a lifetime.” So these past two months have been most rewarding as I have settled in my new role at Bali Life Street Centre.

Four Rs: Reading, ‘Riting, ‘Rithmatic, Respect.

Learning brings purpose
In my class we have four regular students. Their ages are 5 years old, 7 years old, 11years old, and 14 years old, and then on occasion, more students join to learn, too. Why such a wide age-range? Because their education level is the same – i.e.: Grade 1. Sure, it’s cute when a 7year old learns to read and you can listen to them stumble over new words and definitely feel pride in how they have learned, and great to watch a five year old counting toys as he learns addition – beyond counting his fingers on two hands. However, one of the most rewarding parts of this job for me is when the eleven and fourteen year olds can read, and read with confidence. I began teaching them sight words early in my time here, so they weren’t sounding out every single word, but able to see a word and immediately know what it was. Through learning to read, these children are able to walk into a whole new world of learning.

Seeds of Life

If a child can learn to read, he or she can learn anything. As long as there is something written in a language he or she knows. Teach a child to read and he can learn his entire life. However, as James points out, being a teacher is not an easy job. It’s a role of responsibility and leadership. It’s a humbling feeling to have children look up to me as a mentor, and knowing that I can help them. But our centre is more than just teaching kids to read and write, or how to pass into middle school. We teach character. Some of these kids have been brushed aside, by their parents and others in authority, forgotten by society, ignored. At the street centre, we have the opportunity to sow seeds of life. We’re teaching children that they are loved, respected, and have a purpose. Also teaching them how to love and respect others. Aside from the kids in my class, we also have teens and preteens who have dropped out of school. These kids do know how to read and write. They want to further their education in order to complete the national test to enter middle school or high school. Every day we learn something. I’m glad to be able to teach reading, writing and arithmetic, but respect, character and morals take these kids a whole lot further into their future. Mostly it comes through leading by example, which is a big deal. I get to show them that they are important. They have value, respect and purpose in life.

What I learned on holidays


In July I had the opportunity to go to Java for a holiday with some teens from our children’s home. Whilst it was a fun, relaxing four day holiday, I also had the opportunity for learning. On the way to our destination, we went up a mountain. On the side of the mountain, I heard a shout. At first I thought they were peddlers trying to sell things, and then I asked our host about it. She told me they were kids and elderly begging. I saw the kids and elderly were dropped off at the mountain each day to beg as cars, bikes, buses and trucks drove past. Then I noticed people literally throwing small change out their windows, and kids running into the road, dodging cars, bikes, buses and trucks, to retrieve that money.

Everywhere in Indonesia needs help. These kids would not be on the streets if they were in education. These kids would not be risking their lives on the side of a mountain if they were in a class room, learning. Bali Life motto is Hope, Dignity and Purpose. These children and women do not have much dignity in their life of begging. It’s the same whether it’s in Bali or Java or wherever. Begging isn’t dignified, and it’s not living out their purpose. I am glad to teach the kids I can, to read and write, but it also opens up their mind to think about their purpose and give them hope for a life of dignity. Jeremiah 29:11 says, “I know the plans I have for you, plans…to give you hope and a future.” Their life has purpose and hope.

Life of Purpose

Story Time

Stories for character development with K’Riska

The other week I was teaching the kids a social studies subject and something came up along the lines of occupations. That brought up every child, at least in the west, likes to talk about: “What do you want to be when you grow up?” Another way of asking this is, “What is your future desire?” My two young students wanted to be a doctor and a police officer. My older kids said they wanted to go into middle school.

Purpose on Streets?

Last week I was on the street and meeting with some other kids who do not come to our centre, and I was talking with a twelve year old boy. He said he went to school in grade 1, but dropped out and can only read a little bit. So I asked him the same question I had asked the kids in the centre, his answer broke my heart.

He said he didn’t have a future desire. Upon further questioning, he said he used to want to be a police officer, but now felt he couldn’t do that. I encouraged him to come to school with me to read and write, and encouraged him that there are other kids his age who are learning at the same level as him. He was really eager to come, unfortunately, the next day he didn’t show up. Perhaps his parents did not want him to come, or he was shy. Nevertheless, I remember him and will invite him again when I see him next. Bringing this back around, the children in our centre can begin to think about their future, seeing hope for their future. I feel so full to teach them, but I am aware there are so many more who are still not reached with education.

 Praise Points
*Every day God’s grace and protection keep me safe here. Especially as I’m on the roads with children on my bike to take them to and from school
*We have a new Indonesian teacher three days a week for our older class. To teach them and help them pass their national exam to enter formal education
*Our children are growing in their characters and growing dreams for their future
*More projects for our women to continue creating products and earn their income in the Women’s Workshop
Prayer Requests
*The children who do not yet attend can come to school and learn
*God’s continued protection and presence in my life here
*Continued strength, health and safety to teach these children
*VISA approval continues
Blessings in Christ,
Adrienne Stone
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Adrienne’s Mission in Bali | May – June 2015

As I sit to write to you, I am in awe of how much God has done in me. Not only these past two months, but also this past year. For it has now been one year of ministry and service in Bali. One thing I am reminded of in life is: Seasons come and go. It is great to see that as life comes to a crossroads of change, God brings other people into our path to bring everything together. He never leaves something incomplete.
Thank you to all who have supported me and travelled along this journey with me. I have learned so much in my time here. With God’s help, the Women’s Centre has grown and impacted many women. Thank you for all who prayed for my trip to Singapore. I had a safe trip and found a gorgeous café where I could just sit and rest and read for 3 hours. Exactly what my tired body needed. I then wandered down the road and found a park with some gorgeous trees. I even spotted two squirrels running up trees, but they were so fast I could not get a photo of them. Even though it was a short trip, it was refreshing, and God showed me he’s looking after me in it all. I even met someone to share a taxi back to the airport for my return flight, which really helped with paying the fare. It’s the small things that we can look back on and know we are never alone, even when we may know no one else in the entire country.

Women’s Centre

We welcomed in Ibu Monika and two of children – Ing and Igo – mid-May. Monika’s husband passed away a year ago due to an infection and insufficient medical treatment. One of Monika’s relatives joined us for lessons at Bali Life and told Ibu Monika about our program here. This gave Ibu Monika hope for her children and her future. She got on a boat and travelled for four days to get here. When they arrived, her children, Ing and Igo were shy, withdrawn and would barely eat or speak. Almost two months later, they are funny, smiley, happy kids, with extreme appetites for food and for life. Ibu Monika has started English, sewing, computer and counselling classes throughout the week, all part of gaining skills to find a job and put her on a path to independence. When Monika came here, she left her oldest son – Andre, 13years old – with her relatives, so he could finish his school year and get his report. He will join us in the beginning of July and enrol for middle school with the other Bali Life kids as well as his younger siblings. We pray this is a happy reunion for their family and that Andre settles into the Bali Life Women’s Centre Home with ease.

Community Outreach

Women's Hair Styles

We have finished teaching English at Goa Gong, but once a week Sue or Feny join our volunteer, Ellen, to another community in Bayu to teach English again and build relationship with these women so they can know about our centre and the safe place of learning that we offer. Through our relationship with the women in Goa Gong, two boys have joined us for learning some basic education skills with Feny twice a week. Through these lessons, they will gain the foundation of learning so that they can be accepted into formal school and be set on a path to a brighter future.

In June, we had a visit from a husband and wife – Michael and Cheryl – from Women's Hair StylesSydney, and they blessed our women with haircuts and new styles. The mum of one of our boys who come for lessons, Ibu Adel, is usually a very quiet, withdrawn girl and lacking in confidence. I was able to pick her up and bring her for a haircut that day, thanks to the independence from having my own transport. After getting her new hair cut, Sue found a dress that had been donated, and it fit her perfectly. When she looked into the mirror, she exclaimed in surprise, “I’m beautiful.” The girl who climbed on my bike in the morning, climbed off it completely transformed and confident that afternoon when I brought her home. Thank you for regular donations that help us build confidence and smiles in these women.


Children's English Class
I was looking over my records last month and we have over 70 different children that have come into our centre for lessons and games since July 2014 until June 2015. That is such an opportunity for impacting these children. I am so proud of how much these kids have learned in English. I said in my last newsletter that I can really see the difference in kids that come all the time and the ones who come only sometimes, or have joined us more recently. More than that, though, KidZone opens a place for kids to have fun, share experiences, participate in group activities, and gain confidence and build friendships. These past few weeks our second class has grown with more students. I am excited to see this program continue growing and making an impact in the community. The Women’s Centre has been blessed with Elinor, from Sweden, volunteering her weeks with us these past three months. She has been helping teach, play games, and just being a happy presence in this Centre for the women and children to connect with through KidZone time.

Street Kids Ministry

Street MinistryMonday evenings I join the street ministry team to meet children and mums begging on the streets. We bring food and fun for the kids, talk with the mums, and pray and bring medicine for anyone who is sick, but the real purpose of our visits is to invite them to the Street Centre. At the Street Centre, children can learn to read and write and further their education. Mums Street Ministrycan work, making handicrafts for various businesses we have contact with, and earn a daily income. Through the ministry at the street centre, we get children off the streets. We can influence them with a greater sense of purpose and well-being and hope for their future.

Visiting a Village

Through these visits, we have been able to build close relationships with some of these families. In May they invited us to their home in their village for a birthday ceremony for one of their kids. We woke early and drove up for 3 hours to their village. Up dirt-roads in mountains, then had to park the car and walk or get motor bikes down narrow roads the rest of the way. It was beautiful to see how simple their home is, one-two room buildings, dirt floors. Cooking with a pot on a fire and taking water from a well.  They did have electricity. They seemed to have so little in comparison to what we have but they share everything with smiles and joy. I am looking forward to our next invite to see them all again.

Street Centre

Children's Education

Through my visits each Wednesday helping at the street centre, I just fell in love with those kids and mums. I grew a vision for how to help grow the lessons and program there. See the kids in school, off the streets, breaking the cycle of poverty for them. I prayed and talked with mentors and as of June 15th, my ministry in Bali Life has moved from Ungasan with the Children’s Home and Women’s Centre, to Denpasar, working with the Street Centre.

We have two classes, and I teach the younger, or lower level, students. I am teaching letter-sound recognition and joining letters together to make words, and forming letters and words on paper. Also some mathematics – number symbols, counting, addition and subtraction, and other basic level math. I also teach English to the mums and kids in both classes each week. We also hope to bring more to the program by including some more character-building activities. We’ll play group games, share stories, and sing songs. All to impart into the children on a deeper level than just regular education.

Kids Painting

Children enjoy painting and drawing with part-time volunteers who visit us

Final Wishes for Women’s Centre

I have not just left the Women’s Centre lessons with nothing, KidZone will continue with other volunteers. Ellen has been teaching these past two weeks and when she goes home, we have other volunteers ready. Sue also teaches the women English. I am glad for my part in the Women’s Centre this past year, but I feel my time is completed. More women from the community know the centre. More women will continue to know of it through word of mouth and the Holy Spirit bringing people in. I am so excited for this next path on my journey. Looking forward to what this next year will bring, what God will teach me and where he will lead me.
Praise Reports
*Health and safety in all my travels. This is always a big prayer need because without health and safety I cannot do what I do. So thank you for always praying for me in this area.
*I have a new place to stay which is really close to the centre
*My transition into the centre is going well and settling into the routine there
*Chances to impact people like Ibu Adel and Ibu Monika and their children
Prayer Requests
*More children come into the centre
*More volunteers come to share their skills and teach at the Women’s Centre, Children’s Home and Street Centre
*Continued opportunity for going to the villages and making connection with families
*Opportunities to pray with the children and women
*That I may be a vessel bringing God’s love to these children and mums
*Strength as I continue ministering in the Street Centre
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Blessings in Christ,


Adrienne Stone
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Adrienne’s Mission in Bali | March – April 2015

FriendsThank you to all who have been praying for me. My health is restored to what it was before. No pains, upset tummy, flu or anything else for over a month, except a minor burn on the exhaust pipe. I know that God is always watching out for me. The other day I was reading in Proverbs and it says, “Whoever closes his ear to the cry of the poor, will himself call out and not be answered.” I believe that we can read this in reverse and know that when we do hear, (and respond to) the cry of the poor, God will answer our prayers.

Children’s Home English

Children's English Class
Saturday mornings are continually fun as the kids are learning and growing in their English. It seems that March and April have been full of assessments for me as I complete sections of English with some of my classes. These are informal assessments which I use to overview what the kids have learned so far and what else they need to be learning about our extremely complex English language. Even though my head hurts as I read over writings and ask the same questions again and again, I cannot help but smile as the kids, who first sat down nervously, realise that they do know English and can answer, quite confidently, what it is I ask. Our higher level classes with children and staff are learning more about grammar, to help them create clear written English and understand more complex sentence formats that we have together. Think about it, a language that does not have a different word for he/she/her/him/his/hers and rarely uses terms for “the/a” now learning to add these in the correct places and correct gender pronouns, it can be quite confusing for the kids at times, but they learn extremely well together.

KidZone English and Games

Children's English Class
In April I have also had time for assessing the kids that join our English class each week. It is great seeing how much they really have learned and how they can understand some basic conversational English skills. Throughout this year, there have been some kids who come consistently every week and others who may skip a week or two if something else is happening. As I was assessing them, I noticed that it wasn’t necessarily the older kids or “brighter” kids who did better, but it was the kids who did come consistently and ready to learn.
Children's Group Games

The other day I was talking with a Mum who brings her daughter in to learn and she said, “What will we do if you go back to Australia? My daughter loves coming here to learn and play with her friends.” It’s little testimonies like that, which keep me motivated for doing what I do, even when I am tired from a busy week. The kids also continue to learn painting, origami and drawing on a Friday with Tania, and our volunteers, Elli and Ellen bring some fun games that they know to create more excitement and fun.

Street Centre

 Usually I have Wednesdays off, but these past few weeks I have taken the opportunity to go to the Bali Life Street Centre. I love seeing what is happening there with the kids and mums. For those who may not know, this Centre is located in Denpasar, about an hour away from my place, and provides work opportunities for mums and education for children, who would otherwise be begging on the streets or digging through trash to find things to sell. I would love to spend more time with them, but once a week is what I have for now. It is great to see the kids as they develop in character and attitude.

World Street Kids’ Day

Children's Performance

Bali Life held their annual World Street Kid’s Day fundraising event in April and the kids from the Centre performed some songs and dances with amazing skills. Think about it, kids from the street and trash sorting, have got the opportunity to learn and build on skills and perform in front of people. I am so proud of Bali Life and the Street Centre Team for making a difference for these kids.

Street Ministry

Monday nights we continue going to the streets to encourage the mums to come for work – creating handicrafts out of glass bottles and other recyclable materials, and the kids to come for school. There have been a few times I have been able to talk with some older girls (about 11-14 years old) and ask if they have dreams for their futures. One girl wants to be a dentist, some others want to be teachers or vets. I pray that they can come to the Street Centre and off the street so they can get the education they deserve. Education can bring fulfilment for these kids’ dreams. This past week, I was at the Street Centre and there were eight new children who came. There are two classes at the Street Centre.

Classes for Street Children

Learning at Street Centre

One class is with older kids learning science, mathematics and other late primary-middle school topics. The other class is for younger kids and kids still learning to read and write. I was helping to teach this class and one of the new boys who came was ten years old. He could not even write his own name. It was really difficult for me, reflecting how my own ten year old sister can read, write, dance, create, do mathematics and has learned so much, whilst this little boy cannot even spell his own name. Where is the equality? I showed him how to form the letters and he spent about a half hour copying each letter of his name eight times onto the page. He was so proud of himself and the happiness in his eyes makes me get teary as I write and think about this.

Women’s English, Sewing and Computers

Women's Sewing Class
The Women’s Centre is filling up with women most days as they come to different lessons each day. The English group has also just completed their conversational unit and are now moving onto some basic grammar points, to help them recognise and form questions and sentences in conversations. The women who come say they love having the women’s centre offer training because they have never had the opportunity to learn in an environment like this before. In addition to making the Days for Girls packs, our intermediate sewing class has just learned how to cut and stitch a skirt, a basic pattern. Something the women are able to bring home and use for themselves with a sense of achievement to say,
Women's Computer Class

“I have skills, I made this.”

The computer class with Jen is also filling up. Women share our two computers and laptop. They’re learning how to create and save word documents. It’s great for them to learn and grow basic skills, which can help them get employment in the future.

 Community English Classes

We continue going to Goa Gong each week, but we will complete our English course with them in early May. We’ll continue to visit with them every few weeks to keep community. They all enjoy coming to our monthly workshops and singing together for the other women who come. Some are eager to continue learning English at the Women’s Centre. We hope they will come to learn computers and sewing with us, too. Sue and Feny have found a new community of women to teach English. Through classes we can introduce them to the women’s centre, as we have done with Goa Gong. So it is great to see our contacts expand. More people can know about us. More people can receive help and training for better futures.

Live In Program

After an evening of street ministry at the end of March, Piter met a girl nearby our place. She was hiding in some long grass. She told us she had run away from a home where she was the household help. We believe she was the subject of human trafficking. She had no identification and had come to Bali from another island. We offered her to stay with us for a safe place. We hoped to help her gain some skills and education for employment opportunities and set her on a path of independence. Unfortunately, after almost a month at the Women’s Centre, she decided to leave us. This was a sad moment for us when we found out she had gone, leaving a note of thanks. We continue to pray for her and know that God will watch over her on her journey.

Passports and Visas

You may have seen. I had a testing point when my passport got torn up by the dog. I have now received a new passport. In the middle of May I will be doing a visa-run to Singapore. I will return quickly to Bali to continue ministry here with women and kids.
Praise Reports
*Health is restored and safety has been constant.
*God continues moving through Bali Life to impact women and children
*More volunteers are coming to share in the vision of Bali Life for the disadvantaged children and women in Bali
*Our Street Kid’s Fundraiser went off well. Kids and mums had a great time. Money was raised to extend our programs at the Street Centre.
*Changes in the kids at the Street Centre
*Changes in the kids at the Children’s Home
Prayer Requests
*My passport comes back in time
*My next visa is approved without a problem
*Flights and travel is safe and smooth
*Children and women continue coming to the street centre and off the streets
*Women and children continue learning at the women’s centre
Contact Details
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Or their Facebook page:
Blessings in Christ,
Adrienne Stone
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Adrienne’s Mission in Bali | January – February 2015

KidZone Games
Happy New Year! And what a year it is turning out to be. At the Women’s Centre we had two weeks break from lessons to refresh and prepare for our new year. We believe this year is a year of growth and reaching even further into the community as a Centre. So far we are seeing growth in all our areas. I was concerned that if we stopped classes over Christmas, we’d find it difficult to get people involved again. It has turned out to be quite the opposite. When we started again, the women and kids were eager to come back. Through word of mouth, more women and kids have come to join lessons at the Women’s Centre. We are so blessed to be reaching even more people this year. We see this will grow even more as this year unfolds. Sometimes people ask me to describe a typical day at the Centre. There is no typical day, but a typical week is what we aim for. We made a schedule for lessons and activities for women and kids.

Women’s English

Women's English

Women’s English

I have now been teaching women for 7 weeks this year. Each week we have seen growth and new women joining, eager to learn. We have a new learning environment, using the main area of the house. Thank you Opa Rob for the new whiteboard mounted up. We also had to get more desks for our students as we quickly outgrew the nine we had available. We now have 18 women coming to learn each Tuesday evening at our centre.

Goa Gong English

Women learning in Guagong

Women learning in Guagong

Each Tuesday afternoon we also continue going to the community at Goa Gong and teaching women there. Last year we started these classes and had 5 women to teach. This year we are continuing those lessons, and more women are coming, as more move into the neighbourhood and they invite their friends along. Last week we had TEN women learning in their home. It is exciting to see how our classes are doubling this year, and it’s only February.

Learning Reading, Writing, Arithmetic

Children's Education Class

Children’s Education Class

Through our lessons at Goa Gong, we met 7 years old Luis, who does not go to school. We invited him to come and learn to read, write and learn some basic mathematics with Feny, our Women’s Centre coordinator. He was so shy at first, but now he comes in with a huge smile on his face. He told us about another friend of his who doesn’t go to school. So we had a desire to help this little boy and that one-on-one tutoring has grown. Now we have 3 boys, between 5 and 8 learning on Tuesday and Friday afternoons.

Sewing Teacher for Sewing Classes

Sewing Teacher

Sewing Teacher

 We are so excited to have Junio (JP), join our team at the women’s centre. She comes each Thursday to teach our women sewing skills, now we have two lessons each Thursday afternoon. An early one with women learning basic sewing skills with Ibu Ndari, who began learning at some other sewing workshops we had, and another class after that with JP, with women learning more skills, soon they will be learning to make some skirts, and “Days for Girls Packs” (women’s hygiene pads) that we can then give out to some of the women we work with in low economic situations. Read about the packs here:
Women's Centre Bali Life

Women’s Centre Bali Life

Workshops and a Safe Place

On the last Saturday of each month we hold a workshop where we have guest speakers come and share some skills with the women. In January we had a makeup workshop and 24 women came. Our February workshop was focused on craft, and the women had the opportunity to learn how to make some accessories, such as hair ties, they are

excited to learn skills they can use to make and sell in their homes.

Story Time

Story Time

In these workshops, I run a kid’s program, (aged from 18months- 8years old), with games, stories and songs, while their mums are learning. Through these workshops, Sue also shares about our other classes and our live-in program, to help women with difficult situations have a safe place to stay and a chance to learn and find work.  

The evening after our workshop in January, we had a woman show up with her two children very upset because of problems at her home. She stayed with us a week, then decided to go back home to her husband, she continues to come each week to learn English, sewing, and have counselling as she builds trust and shares with us. Her son also joins the class each week with Feny We continue praying for her and her marriage, that she may make amends with her husband and they can have a healthy relationship.

BaliLife Women's Centre

BaliLife Women’s Centre


 KidZone English

KidZone English, Bali Life Foundation

KidZone English, Bali Life Foundation

Our KidZone English classes took off running and now we have 50 kids on our attendance list! We definitely enjoy classes in the bigger space and Thursdays are busy, fun and full of energy at the Women’s Centre. In March we are splitting into two groups, Grades 1, 2, 3 first class (2.30-4pm) then afterwards straight up for Grades 4, 5 and 6 (4pm-5.30) to create more space for learning as the kids continue coming and inviting their friends.

We originally started KidZone by inviting kids from a school around the corner from our centre, handing out brochures to them and their parents as they were leaving, but through some of our other programs, we have grown and a lot more kids are coming from another school nearby and others from different schools in the area as kids share with their neighbours and friends and we continue growing through the great testimony of word of mouth.

KidZone Games

KidZone Games

KidZone Games

Each Friday we also have about 30 kids coming for KidZone games. We use these opportunities to share stories and songs and just have fun with the kids. We also have a volunteer, Tanya, from Russia here teaching the kids some painting skills. She is showing them new ways to make patterns and designs, the kids have enjoyed  that this past month. They also enjoyed a couple of weeks with some volunteers from Norway. This team was able to teach us some new games. The kids loved them and even now continue to request to play. We hope to continue providing more activities as more volunteers come sharing their skills and fresh ideas.

Bali Life English

BaliLife Foundation English Class

BaliLife Foundation English Class

Each week I also go to the Children’s Home to teach English to the kids there. We farewelled Melanie in February, who has been here teaching our highest level teenagers as well as our staff each week. On a Saturday mornings I teach four classes with the kids in primary – middle school and two high school students as well as on a Monday afternoon teaching some other middle-school teens. Each Friday evening at Bali Life Open House, there are a few kids who constantly ask, “Aunty, besok Inggris?” which basically means, “Do we have English tomorrow?” They are growing more confident and I am seeing that as we get visitors and the kids that used to be shy or not understand, can now understand and have a small conversation with our guests, which is exciting to see.

Personal Health

I would like to share that this year I have had some health issues, which I have never had problems with in my times in Bali. First I had an upset tummy and dizziness one day, not usually a big deal, but it is just another thing that isn’t right. Then I burnt my foot on a motorbike which gave me a big blister for a week and the skin is still healing. After that I had an unexplainable rash for about a week, which wasn’t itchy, but as the rash started to disappear, itchiness started and the rash returned. Then it completely disappeared as unexpectedly as it started. I also had a minor accident falling from the bike, next time I’ll make sure I break left before right – for those of you who ride motorbikes, you’ll know the importance of this. I was not going fast when I fell and I praise God I only got a huge bruise on the top of my leg for about 3 weeks and a scratch on my heel and nothing worse, all healed up fine now. Currently I am experiencing joint pain in my fingers, toes and knees, as it hurts to grip things, type, or even walk up and down stairs at times. I am not saying this to complain, I just share this to ask for prayers covering me with God’s protection and renewed health so that I can remain focused and strong for what he has called me to here in Bali.

Praise Reports

*Classes are growing and we are seeing more and more women and kids each week
*GPS – this is a funny one, but so far I have never completely lost my way driving around Bali, Google Maps always takes me to the main road again, and for that, I have to praise God. Getting lost is scarier than falling
*New sewing teacher
*Safety and protection as I ride my NEW motor bike, praise God I have one for my own use now
*Friends and amazing staff and volunteers I get to spend every day with at Bali Life Foundation
*Sponsors and Supporters – I thank God for each and every one of you who remember me and support me, whether that’s with prayers, financially or a simple message letting me know you are thinking of me, it all works to encourage me to keep going each day.
Prayer Requests
*Health is renewed to as it was before, no more pain or illness
*Visa approval continues so I can continue serving here
*Volunteers to help with KidZone on Fridays with the kids
*Volunteers to help teach the advanced levels and staff at the Children’s Home now that Melanie has gone, as my time will be even fuller as I work out times to take on these classes again
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Adrienne Stone
0 In Mission in Bali

Adrienne’s Mission in Bali | July – August 2014

Hindu girls on their way back from the ceremony
 Welcome to the third edition of my Mission updates. First I’d like to say a HUGE thank you to all my sponsors, friends and family who are spending time praying for me and giving financially to support me here. I know God is answering your prayers because he is moving in this place. So much has happened these past two months that I had to go through all my photos to remind myself of everything I had to share with you. Praise God for his overwhelming love and blessings as each day we learn more about his love, peace, patience, power, strength and might over our lives.

Bali Life English

Anais and Pauline teaching English with the stained whiteboard on the ground behind them

Anais and Pauline teaching English with the
stained whiteboard on the ground behind them

 In my last newsletter we had Anais and Pauline here from France to help teach English. Anais returned last month and Pauline will return in a few days. In farewelling them, we also welcome Melanie. Melanie is from Perth who is doing a great job teaching the staff as well as the intermediate class at Bali Life.
Melanie with some of the Bali Life Children's Staff: Ibu Desi, Ika and Mey

Melanie with some of the Bali Life
Children’s Staff: Ibu Desi, Ika and Mey

The students are learning all different topics, from Body parts with beginners all the way to past tense forms and homophones in the advanced classes.
The kids in primary school have been blessed to go to a new school. This has many extracurricular activities in the afternoons available to them, as well as Saturdays off. This is quite exciting for the kids as Indonesian public schools run Monday – Saturday. As a result of the extracurricular, I now teach on a Saturday morning and take a day of rest from teaching on a Wednesday.
Children learning with whiteboard mounted and the walls freshened behind them

Children learning with whiteboard mounted
and the walls freshened behind them

Last month our classroom had a complete makeover thanks to Christine and Geoff Graham from Perth. They came and organised the library books, painted the walls, and cleaned and mounted the whiteboard onto the wall.
Now the classroom is fresh and has a new atmosphere as the students enter in to their new learning environment. We are so grateful for their hard work!


First week 11 Students 2nd week we had to ditch the tables as so many kids came

First week 11 Students 2nd week we had to
ditch the tables as so many kids came

At the end of July, Sue, Feny and I visited the local primary school and invited the kids to learn English for a small fee (to cover books, pens and other resources we provide), at Bali Life Women’s Centre. Their response was overwhelming. It quickly grew from 11 children the first week, to two classes with 20 children enrolled in each group five weeks later. Plus a waiting list with 5 children waiting for spaces to open up. This is one of my favourite days to teach as these kids, unlike Bali Life kids, do not know Jesus and I get to slowly introduce Jesus to them. Over the past 6 weeks we have covered: Colours, Days and Months and together learned the colourful coat Joseph received because his father loved him. We also learned the story of Creation and how God made something new each day of the week.

But despite sitting on the floor in a small space... (1st group)

But despite sitting on the floor in a small space…
(1st group)

...the kids continued coming ...and we had to expand! (2nd group)…the kids continued coming
…and we had to expand! (2nd group)

Women’s English

Women's Evening Class

Women’s Evening Class

As mums came in to the Bali Life Women’s Centre for their children to learn, they began asking about lessons for themselves and we quickly told them about our English Classes on a Tuesday. So we have two classes for these mums on a Tuesday.We have a morning class, for mums to come to learn while their children are at school. As well as another in the evening, for mums who may have a day job.


Feny teaching and playing with kids while their mums learn with me

Feny teaching and playing with kids while their mums learn with me

Between my morning class and my evening class, on Tuesday afternoons, I travel about 15-20mins away to a village called Guagong and visit a community of poor women who live together in a kost-kostan (compound) and teach these five in their home. They are all between 20 and 30 years old with young children, most under 5years old. These women are so eager to learn so that they can help their children when their children go to school. A few weeks ago we were also able to bless these women with some vegetables from our garden at the Women’s Centre. We hope to provide them with a basic first aid kit and medical supplies – like betadine and children’s panadol – as they have nothing available to help, when their children get injured, and no finances available to buy these supplies for themselves. In addition to teaching them English, we spend some time with their kids, and despite having nothing, the kids are full of so much love for life.

Guagong Women Learning English

Guagong Women Learning English

First Monthly Workshop: Health and Wellbeing

Women practice some stretching for their health

Women practice some stretching for their health

We held our first Monthly Women’s Workshop in August, we invited women from our English classes and the school, and on the day we had twelve women come to learn about health and beauty. We had a woman lined up to teach the women about make-up, but we got a phone call that morning and she had been in an accident and unable to make it. Praise God that she was fine and He also worked out all things for good, because the women were able to learn some more about Women’s Health and Well-being and are now looking forward to our next Workshop in September where they can learn about Beauty and Make-Up. The women from Guagong also hope to join us. We hope that through these workshops we create a safe environment for women to talk about women’s health, which normally wouldn’t get talked about in their culture, but is so important for women to know about for their own health.

Sewing Workshop

Women choosing materials

Women choosing materials

As a result of the health workshop, we invited women to learn sewing for two weeks while Terese was here from Coffs Harbour. She taught three days each week for two weeks. We had 3-4 women each session, sometimes two sessions a day. Now she has returned, we are praying for a new sewing teacher because the women want to continue learning. New women are hearing about it and wanting to learn as well.

Computer Class

It's best to learn by trying

It’s best to learn by trying

Bali Life has two volunteers from Holland with us for two months. They are helping out in various areas, farming and with kids wherever they can lend a hand. They have also come to help at the women’s centre to teach computer skills to some of the women who want to build skills. We are praying for a long-term computer teacher for these women, as after two months, they will be without a teacher.

Kid’s Club

26 kids at our first Kid's Club with Swen and Camiel

26 kids at our first Kid’s Club with Swen and Camiel

In addition to teaching computer to women on a Thursday evening, these guys spend some time with kids, from Thursday’s KidZone. On a Friday afternoon they organise playing games and having fun competitions with the kids. The kids had a ball the first two weeks and are looking forward to the next one.


Independence Day

Kids line up ready for a balloon race

Kids line up ready for a balloon race

Speaking of competitions, kids LOVE them. In August we celebrated Indonesian Independence Day. It was great seeing Bali Life Kids and KidZone kids join together for some fun competitions. Like their traditional Krupuk eating contest, or a balloon race and obstacle course.



Hindu girls on their way back from the ceremony

Hindu girls on their way back
from the ceremony

It was awesome having the opportunity to go to the traditional markets in Sukowati last month. Though the heat and noise of everyone asking me to buy something wasn’t my thing, we happened to be there the same day a ceremony was happening. After lunch we all gathered to watch as 300 families participated in this ceremony. Dressed in traditional clothes, walking down the main street, stopping traffic in both directions. They headed to the river for their religious ceremony. It was a wonderful opportunity. Not everyone can see this, but behind their beautiful clothes, it saddens me how they are lost in spirit. This was a big reminder that what others see as beautiful is actually a hidden battle of spiritual warfare. Especially as we are here to shine Christ’s love and God’s truth.
Praise Reports
*Continued health and safety
*I am able to share with the kids a little about Jesus through English
*New Printer-photocopier-scanner has been donated for the women’s centre
*Bali Life kids’ opportunity at their new school
*Many women and children who are coming into our centre
Prayer Requests
*At the end of October I head back to Australia for a few weeks. I will attend my friends’ wedding as well as renew my visa. I am looking forward to catching up with family, friends and supporters in that time. Please pray for safety again in my travels.
*Visa continues to be accepted and processes easily and quickly in Australia, so I can return to my Bali home
*No more clothes go missing (as two of my shirts have already disappeared)
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Blessings in Christ,


Adrienne Stone