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Mission in Bali February – April 2017

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I love the work still happening with Bali Life Kids and the family I have here. Did you catch my testimony shared on Facebook back in February?

I think any work with kids can have similar challenges and benefits. For sure as some of our boys grow older and hit their preteen and teenage years, they try to be the alpha-male and this keeps us on our toes. I am so blessed to have the balance of little kids who run and wrap me in a hug at random times, as well.

Like these two kids below:
Kids / Siblings

Cutest Siblings

In other news

My life has been a whirlwind of wedding planning and legal documents and processes. Stay tuned for more updates in the coming months. Next Post: Wedding Edition (maybe).

I am so grateful for the community of people around Yudi and I as we prepare for the celebration of our future together. We thank God for always being alongside us and surrounding us with good community.

Prayer Requests

Street Centre: As more kids are coming into the centre and transitioning into formal education, we pray for more sponsors for more kids to make these steps.

Health: I have been unwell for about a week now. Prayers for complete restoration, healing and strength.

Work: Recently I have signed up for some online translation jobs. Pray for work opportunities for me & Yudi.

Home: We are in process for looking for a home and furniture to fill it with. Pray we find the best home for us and furniture to make it a warm, welcoming place.

Thank you always for praying for me and for Bali Life.

PreWed Receiliart

PreWed by Receiliart


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Talking with a Missionary


Being a missionary can be fun, interesting, exciting, scary, challenging. You name it.  Sometimes one of the challenges I face is being away from friends and family in my home country. When I do get the opportunity to go back, I can feel disconnected. I know people care, but we’ve had different experiences that leave us at different parts of our lives. Sometimes one of the hardest things is to share about my experiences, because I don’t want to repeat myself. I also don’t want to come across as if I thought what I have experienced is more interesting than another. I’m sure some people are interested in hearing more, but it can be difficult at times. I don’t always know who wants to hear more, or who is just asking to be polite.

A few questions I have struggled with are:

1. Do you like it?

For me, this is a no brainer. As a volunteer missionary, if I didn’t mostly like it, I could quit, and find something I do like, or at least pays better. It’s not that every single experience is great – some days I’d rather forget – but we know the positive impact we have, which is why we like to keep going. Asking closed ended questions, leading to one word answers, doesn’t encourage the flow of conversation, especially not for an introvert.

2. How are you? or How’s it going?

These questions, whilst not technically closed, are commonly answered with one word answers – good/great/ok…you get the idea. Unless there is someone particularly close to me, who I know I can, and should, open up to, asking how I am, isn’t going to get an extended response.

How else can we get a missionary to talk?

If you have a friend or family member who is a missionary, or are praying for a missionary, and you genuinely want to know how they are going, make time to share and listen to them, perhaps these questions below could be a good starting point.

Asking about Positive Experiences

What is the cutest/best/funniest/etc thing that has happened?

Alternatively you could ask about their highlights, get the conversation rolling as they can share about specific experiences and memories. I appreciate when someone is genuinely interested in hearing about my experiences with specific memories I have.

What are some changes that you have seen since starting?

In my situation, you can ask this in a twofold way. You can ask specifically about the children’s educational development, or you can ask how their character has changed and matured being with us. This relates to my area of missions, but you can get the idea.

What changes have you brought to your mission field, and how have these helped the people you work with?

Ask this with tact. Remember the purpose is to encourage the missionary to self reflect that their time and efforts are worthwhile and valuable. Sometimes being in the nitty-gritty day-in, day-out leaves little time for reflection. Encourage your missionary to see their own work.

What can we pray for in the mission field this month?

Pray for a Missionary

Pray for a Missionary

What is something we can pray for, for you personally, this month?

These two are very different. In general if someone asks me about what they can pray for, I will likely mention something about the mission work, kids or needs for our centre. If someone asks how they can pray for me personally, it would not be the centre needs. I might need some encouragement, something practical for my home or finances, or something along the lines of personal relationships or something in my church.

What are some benefits you have with working with some of the other volunteers/staff?

When a missionary has a good team to work with, it is always encouraging. Asking your missionary this can be a positive reinforcement. Also, remember to pass on the positive gossip to the rest of the team, if you know them well.

Do you have many friends? Do you have mentors/support network?

Whilst these questions are technically closed ended, they can lead to more conversation. It also encourages the missionary to know the importance of friends and leaders. In the first part of my missions, I would mostly just hang out with people in my mission field, which is great, but as I became more connected with my local church I have been able to connect with more people. I am able to take time out and be refreshed and energised for getting back into the mission week. My friends and leaders motivate and encourage me. If your missionary doesn’t have mentors, pray for one to arise for them.

How often do you have contact with your family/friends in your home country?

Giving the missionary an opportunity to share about their support networks back home can be a positive reflection for them. Alternatively, if the missionary does not have regular contact, it could be a sensitive topic, which leads me to…

Asking about Challenges or Negative Experiences

Everyone likes to talk about and hear the positives. If you are close to the missionary, he or she may need a listening ear. Someone they can trust to share some of the not so positive things, not to complain, but having someone listen and give some words of wisdom, can help them get a different perspective, or even just release some stress, knowing someone cares.

What are some challenges you face being in another country?

This could extend to refer to cultural differences, or immigration and visa roles. It could be working with different staff, volunteers or teams that come and help out. Being in another country is fun, but especially for recent missionaries, it can be a challenge.

What are some challenges you have in your mission field?

What is a challenge you are currently facing – in your personal life?

These questions, like the question above about praying are different. One focuses on the mission work, itself, and the other is something personal. Again, asking about the personal life needs to be done with wisdom, considering your own relationship with the missionary. Remember, always use this time as a chance to pray over these areas the missionary shares with you.

Can I bring something for you from your home country that you miss?

For those planning to make a trip to visit the missionary. When someone offers to bring something from home, even if I don’t need or miss something right at that moment, it’s nice to know when someone considers me.

I hope these questions can be a good starting point for helping you connect with missionaries you know and are praying for, and also help missionaries feel more connected when they return home. Remember, the missionary has been away with different experiences, make the time for them, listen and be part of their life, allow them to share their experiences. And pray with them whenever you can. You can find more stories of missionaries here and find someone your family can pray for together.

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Mission in Bali | July – August 2016

Slum Area Families

At the end of July, Greg, our Street Centre manager resigned from her position and became Bali Life Public Relations. This left the Street Centre in need of a new leader. Piter and Lyna approached me  early July and asked if I would be interested in the role. I took some days to pray and discuss with close friends. I still had (have – even now) some doubts in myself, but I accepted their offer. Now I am no longer teaching street children to read. At least not full time. By God’s leading, I am now coordinator for the Street Centre. I pray that I can be a good leader for the kids and encourage them to strive for their best.

Dress Ups

Dress Ups

Previously the Street Centre managing role consisted of coordinating the school classes and also the women’s workshop. We share a building and work together to help the women and children from the streets and slum areas. Since August, we have split this role. Now we have two women coordinating the women’s workshop: Ibu Claudia and our new staff, Ibu Netty. I am so grateful to have this amazing team to work with in Bali Life Street Centre.

Street Centre Classes

Whilst the mums are working alongside Ibu Claudia and Ibu Netty, the children in Street Centre have a safe, loving place to learn and grow. We now have three classes in our centre.

Bridging School

Bridging School Class

Bridging School Class

Defri, who also assists in admin duties, teaches our first class. This is the class for kids ready to go to formal school. They study for a year in bridging school, join the national tests, and go into formal education after graduation. This year we have five students in Defri’s class who hope to enter formal education next July. We pray that God provides sponsors for them and motivation in their hearts to continue in this opportunity.

Reading Class

Reading Class

Reading Class

Our middle class is full of kids of various ages still learning to read. Some are older than 10 years old. Others are as young as 5 years old. We have a new teacher starting in September for this class, which I previously taught. I am so excited to see when students grow in their abilities in this class. We had success with one student who did not even know all the alphabet last year. He struggled with reading and writing, but he persisted and this year has joined the class with Defri, hoping to go to middle-school, grade 7, next year.

Preschool Class

Preschool Class

Preschool Class

Our final class is for young children under five years old. These children join us while their mums are in the workshop. We are developing the preschool program for them. We want to include age appropriate activities to help them develop their cognitive, social, creative and physical skills, such as puzzles, drawing, story time and group games. I am so grateful for my experience in Family Link Centre to develop my skills for children in this age group. In addition to running the centre, I will coordinate with short-term volunteers and interns to create the activities each day for this group.

Formal Education

Ready for Formal Education

Ready for Formal Education

In addition to the kids that come each day to learn with us from the mornings, we have the kids who graduated from bridging school in June that join us in the afternoons. These kids have been enrolled in a local middle school nearby the centre and several afternoons each week they join Bali Life to check-in with us. We make sure that all is ok, help with homework if needed, and they can join our activities with the other kids in this time as well. All the kids are very happy and excited to be in formal education and making more friends their age. We still have two teenagers waiting for sponsorship through their formal education. If you are interested in sponsoring a child through formal education, or even through bridging school, please let us know. Contact Lyna or myself to find out more.

Maintenance Teams

Since July we have had four amazing maintenance teams come and join our centre, renewing and cleaning various areas. We always appreciate when teams can come in and help with these areas, keeping our centre looking fresh and new, encouraging our children to look after their centre.

Hope Valley

Hope Valley painting our Street Centre

Hope Valley painting our Street Centre

First Hope Valley team from Adelaide came in July. They brought craft and dance activities for our kids and also painted the walls in our classrooms, outer walls and veranda and the main indoor area. The centre looked amazing after their hard work.

Merdeka Outreach

Merdeka Outreach Team

Merdeka Outreach Team

A team from Merdeka Outreach – consisting of 8 people from around the world – America, Europe and Indonesia – came and did a whole lot of cleaning. They helped clean out all the overgrown bushes in the front yard, organise bottles and the shed in the women’s workshop, and organise donated clothes for our storeroom. They also taught our children, played games and taught the kids about toothbrushing hygiene.

Missions Team

A missions team from Georgia, America, were in Bali working alongside another church when they heard about Bali Life. So they came and visited one day and hung out with our kids and heard all about our centre. The team then joined us in our street ministry to reach the kids on the street. You can read more about the amazing work that God did through them in my last post. God is amazing how he brought this team spontaneously into our centre and then could show his love to the kids and mums on the streets, but also encouraged me and the rest of the team in the Street Centre.

Canggu Community School

Canggu School Visits Slum Area

Canggu School Visits Slum Area

A group of 12th graders from Canggu Community School donated their time and energy as part of their school social CAS – Creativity, Action, Service week. These teenagers brought fresh energy to our kids teaching and playing with them. They painted our library, organised our children’s library books, and also managed to give one wall in our office a fresh coat of paint. During the  week I brought some of the students to visit a slum area where some of the families in our centre live. The students reached out to kids in the area who don’t come to the centre but are still in need. They played some games and taught the kids dental hygiene. Each child received a gift – a stationary pack and each family received a hygiene pack consisting of soap, toothbrushes, etc. This is possible because of generous people bringing donations to the Street Centre.

Tree Tops Visit

Tree Tops Visit

At the end of their week, CCS CAS students brought the kids from our bridging school class to Bedugul Tree Tops where the kids had the amazing opportunity to join in and be challenged by the high-ropes climbing course.

Our centre now looks fresh thanks to all the amazing maintenance teams that came and helped out in practical ways. Thank you!!

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Adrienne’s Mission in Bali | April – June 2016

The Street Centre just continues growing all year. I am so happy to see the kids continue coming and learning. Over the past 6 months we have had 60 different kids come into our centre. That is 60 kids given a chance for education, food, a safe place to play, and a place to receive love. We also have twenty women joining our women’s workshop. On average 25-30 kids come each day as not every woman and child will come every day, but the spreading impact we have over these women and children through Bali Life Foundation is worth it.

International Children’s Day

Children, teenagers
We had a fundraiser for international children’s day in the children’s home. This fundraiser goes towards the running costs of the street centre for another year. The kids did me proud as thirty children joined the event and sung “Hall of Fame” by the script, not all of them knew ALL the words, but they could all sing “I can be a champion” again and again in the bridge. And that’s really what we’re teaching these kids, they CAN achieve their dreams. They can become what they set their hearts on. The only difference between these kids and any other kid is opportunity. What opportunities kids in Australia get for free education, government assistance, food care programs, and pensions, all these things go so far. Bali has none of that. These kids don’t get free education, but through the support and sponsorship of people who care, doors of opportunity are flung wide open, where before they were locked tight.

Graduation into formal education

In June four of our kids (wearing medals) completed bridging school. Three completed their primary education and ready to go into grade 7 and the other completed middle school and ready to go into high school – grade 10. This opportunity is only possible because of the sponsors and teachers they have to put them into bridging school and bring them their education. Their next steps into formal education is such a big opportunity waiting for them, we pray for people with open hearts, who see the value of education and opportunity for these kids, that they can have brighter futures because of the opportunity education and training can afford them.


It’s always great when visitors and volunteers come to our centre. Not only do many of them bring a gift which goes towards either bringing work to our mums, education opportunities to our children, or food and medical donations, they also get to see firsthand the work we are doing, go back to their homes and share about the work we do here. Thank you everyone who comes, bringing donations, and sharing in the vision we have for making change to these women and children.


I’d like to share some testimonials from the kids I work with here in the street centre and also on the street visits.
Street Ministry
One day in June I was on the streets in Kuta and playing with some kids on the beach like usual. It was almost time for us to leave and we were going to take the kids to their homes first. Suddenly a young girl, 11 years old, gave me a big hug and said, “I love you and think of you like my big sister.” Even though I just see her once a week for a couple hours on the streets, it’s a simple thing on my part, but means so much to her.
Children's Education
Another girl, 7 years old, in the centre was sitting having a quiet time with me and Gregoria. Greg turned and asked her, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” She said, “A teacher.” Greg asked again, as she is in my class, “Like K’Adrienne?” This little one nodded and smiled shyly.
For me, it’s not about wanting kids to be like me, they can be whatever they want and whoever they want. But this totally warmed my heart because before learning in the street centre, maybe she’d never know what it’s like to read and write. Maybe she’d never know what it’s like to dream about something for her future, not only that, but over this year I have seen a change in her as she comes regularly now to classes and is excited each day to come when I pick her up for school. So thank you to all who support me and who support Bali Life, that we can be here and help these kids dream something and know a different life.


Aside from everything happening in the Street Centre these past months, at the end of June I had to take another trip to Singapore for my visa. This time I was accompanied by Ika and Mey. Ika and Mey, for those who don’t know, are staff in the children’s home, and my long-time friends. We made a holiday out of my trip, did some site-seeing to Little India and stayed in Chinatown. And we also went to Universal Studios and had an absolute ball. The girls made me go on the scary spin-you-upside-down rollercoaster that I’d thought I’d never-ever go on, and it was fun and freeing to just go and scream and let it out. Thank you to those who came and supported me with financial gifts helping me out on this trip, you know who you are. I appreciate it. And yes, I am back for another six-month period with my new visa.
Thanks to all who continue supporting me and helping me in Bali Life. Thank you also to all who continue praying for me. I did fall ill for a few days before Singapore, but thankfully restored to health now. Continue praying for my health, the kids, the mums, and the staff in all departments of Bali Life, and I pray that God continues blessing all those who support and sponsor Bali Life Foundation.
God bless you all,
Adrienne Stone
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Children's Education

Children's Group Games
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Adrienne’s Mission in Bali | January – April 2016

Children at KFC Playground


This year I hit the ground running on arrival back from Australia. In Australia I had a great time for relaxing and refreshing. God is so good in all he provides for me. This year in Children's Educationthe Street Centre we have seen an increase. Increase in children, increase in mums, increase in donations. All this, stretching us to increase how much we can bless those we are serving. He knows before we do our every need, so I am learning to trust more in his sovereignty and provision.

Kuta Street Ministry

Children's Increase Health Class
Every Monday night we go onto the streets of Kuta and Denpasar and minister to the mums and kids begging. In Kuta we see mums sitting by as their children try to sell leather bracelets. The mums have sew these together during the day. The kids are not in school and the mums sell these as a way to earn their income. We bring them food and play games with the kids and give them
Children's Group Gamesa break from their work. It is great having this connection with them. I’d love for these kids to also be able to join us for school, except their location is far from our street centre. Travel to get there is not doable at this time.

Increase Love in Community

We had the opportunity to go to the community that these women and children live. Bringing some of the donations our centre has received. We brought hygiene packs, and our interns did a tooth brushing demonstration for the kids to learn about healthy teeth and fresh breath. We also brought books, pencils, and clothes, and packs for the mums we visit, too. The clothes were handed out and many women and children from the streets and community were blessed with a shirt, as well. The kids we visited in Kuta were also blessed with a rice and chicken lunch in KFC.  Thanks to our interns running a fundraiser event before they came. The KFC in Kuta we went to has an indoor playground and the kids had an absolutely fun time being able to play and climb and slide and have the fun of being kids. Bali does not have many playgrounds for children. These children would never have the opportunity to go somewhere with a playground if they’d not joined.

Denpasar Street Ministry

Street Ministry
There are three spots we visit in Denpasar as well. In Denpasar, the women sit by while the children walk between cars, motorbikes and buses stopped at traffic lights and ask for money from the drivers. At one of these places, we have really made some impact and most of the women and children in this place join our centre for school and women for work almost every day. Another place in Denpasar we connected with some women and children and the children were allowed to come to school for about a week and a half, but after that, they stopped. We’ll continue visiting them on the streets and inviting them to school and their mums to work. If we can get the women to work and have enough handicrafts to make, our vision is that they will no longer be on the streets. The children will be able to focus on school, the women will be able to earn an income, and the generational begging will end and the next generation will see children receiving their basic rights of being able to learn and play and grow in a safe, secure environment.

Learning to Read

Children's Education
My learning to read class has also expanded and now we split the class into two groups. One with students still learning the basics of joining letter sounds together to create words. The second class is the students that have been in longer, or had some previous education, and can read, but now learning to read more complex words, increase their writing abilities and also
Children's Educationadd mathematics, science, and social studies to their education.

Passion for Life

This month we have welcomed a new teacher and admin staff for our centre. Defry has made a good connection with the kids and even with no previous teaching experience, he has helped these kids grow and making a connection with them even in a short time.
We are preparing every day for our World Street Kid’s Day fundraiser. The kids will be singing a song, empowering them about becoming anything great in their futures. This has been a big theme I have been talking with my students about in classes this past year. The kids can share with me how they want to be teachers, cooks, professional soccer players, or some students still working out where their passions lie and have many different ideas of what they might like to become. It is great seeing these kids have dreams for becoming anything great, and through providing them with education, I hope I can see some of these dreams come to fruition.
These kids found a cricket bug in the long grass and spent ages watching it and learning

These kids found a cricket bug in the long grass and spent ages watching it and learning

Preschool Class and Games

We also have many young children in our centre five years old and under. These children come with their mums who come for work. So that the women can concentrate on their work, we provide the young children with activities to keep them busy, but also to help them learn. Through puzzles, fun memory card games, songs, stories, building with Lego,
Children's Group Games

drawing, playing with toy cars, these kids are given many opportunities for development they would not receive staying in their impoverished homes all day where they may just have a stick and some dirt to play with – though I don’t underestimate the learning and creativity that can happen with nature, either. Through participating in these activities, the children are learning social skills such as sharing, waiting for their turn, creativity, cognitive development (thinking skills and problem solving) and becoming more settled in their environment and connecting with staff and each other.

Settling in

Children CreatingJust last week I was observing a brother (5years) and sister (3years). They have just been in the centre a few weeks and I observed that in the beginning they wouldn’t leave their mum in the workshop, then slowly they’d go through the rest of the centre, but doing their own thing – like running around or taking something another child had. Now I see them participating in games, and spending time colouring in a picture for a long period of time, experimenting with using different colours, or covering their entire picture in red, then going from person to person with his picture looking for approval to see if he has done a good job, whereas before he would not show interest in drawing, or even what others thought of his work.

Developing Characters

These are the opportunities that we can see that we provide our children with, as they come into the centre. It’s more than just teaching reading and writing. More than just feeding them. It’s developing their characters and showing them a new world. We’re developing their minds to think about something bigger that maybe they would never have thought possible before.
Sometimes in the craziness of life I can get caught up in the day to day routines and organising outings, visitors and events. Within that, there are the little moments, like observing new children settle in the centre. It’s joy to see a child read a word they’ve been struggling with. And always giving – and receiving – hugs. These little moments are what remind me why I started here in the first place: To bring God’s love and joy to these children.
Praise Points
  • Always thank God that we have many children and women in the centre.
  • Always praise God for my sponsors, faithfully giving each month and helping me to stay here, serving these people in Bali
  • I had an accident the other week and whilst I may not always praise God that I fell. I can praise God that apart from some bruised knees and sore back – which I hope a massage will fix – I have walked away without injury. God always looks after me.
  • Amazing staff and friends in Bali Life that I work here with
Prayer Requests
  • Safety in my time here
  • New friendships growing stronger in Global church that I can have support network here in Bali
  • Children that we have been visiting on the streets can come back to the centre and be off the streets
  • Children continue growing their dreams and desires for their futures
  • World Street Kid’s Day fundraiser event is a success. We get the funding we need for our centre for another year
Contact Details
Check out more info at
Or their Facebook page:
 Blessings in Christ,
Adrienne Stone
Children Creating

Drawing animals at Sanur Festival

He found a hermit crab on the beach

He found a hermit crab on the beach

Climbing trees in Kuta

Climbing trees in Kuta

Children at KFC Playground

Children at KFC Playground