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Adrienne’s Mission in Bali | November – December 2014

Christmas Card
Coffs Harbour

Coffs Harbour

Last time I was writing to update you all, I had just arrived in Australia. I would like to take this opportunity to let you know how grateful I am to all my sponsors and prayer warriors for taking the time while I was there to meet up and pray with me. Your prayers are such a blessing. I pray that God rewards you greatly. It was awesome seeing family and friends and getting to see beautiful Coffs Harbour again for a couple of weeks. These six weeks back in Bali have been full-on. It’s always great to see old faces, and I have even met some new kids and their mums since I’ve been back. It’s always good at this time of year to reflect on where this year has taken me and look forward to renewed vision and mission into the new year.

Women’s Centre

The woman living at our Women’s Centre has a secure job and has found a place to stay outside of the Centre, but nearby. She’ll be moving there with her three children in the new year. This is exciting for her as she steps out again into independence with her three children. Her children will continue being supported with schooling through Bali Life. We look forward to seeing her and her children, keeping in contact with them regularly. This provides a room available for another widow to come in and have opportunity for a life change in the new year.


KidZone English

KidZone English

KidZone English classes started back for a few weeks and we had 10 new kids come over the three weeks. Some kids from a different school nearby heard about our kids club games and showed up for Friday games and then joined our English lessons on Thursday afternoons too. It’s great how we are reaching more kids in more schools now. Friday afternoon games are becoming a great opportunity, not just to invite kids to English, and women to English, sewing or computer classes, but also to share about Jesus. We shared the Christmas story over December and the kids enjoy singing an Indonesian version of Father Abraham, and other Sunday School type songs. We hope to see kids come to an understanding of the great love God has for them through these afternoons.

KidZone Games

KidZone Games


Last newsletter I wrote about a girl whom spirits disturbed at her home. When I came back, I went to the school to let the kids all know that English lessons were back on, but her face was missing from the crowd. When I asked where she was, the kids said she had not been to school for a long time. We got in contact with her mum and invited her to English classes again and she was eager to join. Her mum also said that Hannah had not been to school since KidZone English stopped, but once she came to KidZone, she began going back to school, too. We continue praying for Hannah, that she continues going to school, joining our classes, and for more opportunities to share with her about God’s great love.

Women’s Centre Birthday and Christmas Celebration

31 Kids singing at our Celebration

31 Kids singing at our Celebration

Guagong Women Singing at our Celebration

Guagong Women Singing at our Celebration

The Women’s Centre has been open for a year now and we celebrated with birthday cake, games for kids, some performances, and photos of our growth over the past 12months. We were excited to see over 70 women and children from our community come to celebrate with us. Having everyone in the house all at the same time showed us how many people have been reached through our Centre.

The kids from KidZone practiced for weeks and their parents were very proud to see their children singing (a revised) 12 days of Aussie Animal Christmas, all in English. Some of the women that we visit in Guagong also practiced a song together, and they came up and blessed our celebration with a song. Now they have the desire to start a choir with women from the community in the coming year. We are looking forward to seeing how this may pan out.

Street Ministry

Grandmother on the StreetsI have also joined the BaliLife street ministry team. Once a fortnight the team goes down to the streets of Kuta and Denpasar and brings food – rice, vegetables and usually chicken or other meat substitute – to the kids and women begging on the streets. We also bring some toys, such as balls or a ukelele and play with the kids, giving them a distraction from their rough lives for a while. Over the past few years the team has built relationship and connections with these women and children.

As I’ve been three times now, I’m beginning to get to know some of them, and they’re recognising me, too. This past week we had a Christmas celebration and some of our children’s home kids came along too. They shared testimonies of the Christmas story with the kids and helped prepare and hand out gifts to the kids. Thanks to a generous donator, we were able to give each child a new shirt and pants set and a new hat, as well as a snack pack and toothbrush and toothpaste. This was a very merry Christmas for these kids.

Some of our dancers at a carols by candle light

Some of our dancers at a carols by candle light

Holiday Blessings

Thanks to some wonderful sponsors and volunteers, I’ve been able to join the kids on a few outings for Christmas. We took a trip to see another orphanage, and shared a Christmas celebration. Kids from Bali Life sang and danced and kids from Klungkung orphanage sang and danced, too. It’s great seeing other kids in children’s homes having a happy Christmas.

Boys at gitgit

Boys at gitgit

More kids at gitgit

The following day everyone climbed into the buses again and went to Gitgit waterfalls. The kids had not been there before and they enjoyed swimming under the waterfall and swinging off a rope, tied to a tree branch, and landing in the water below.




One of our long-term volunteers also blessed us all with a trip to Splash water park. This was such a big day, swimming and sliding, followed by lunch, provided by Splash, and then ten-pin bowling and bounce – a trampoline land – across the road. The kids were so excited and everyone had huge smiles on their exhausted faces at the end.

Gifts at Midnight

Gifts at Midnight

Christmas Eve and Christmas Day

On Christmas Eve we all took a trip to Karma Kandara Resort where the kids sang some Christmas Carols and then got a special surprise with a visit from Santa and some gifts. Thank you to Karma Kandara guests and staff who put in for this. Then BaliLife kids woke up at midnight on Christmas in excitement for opening Christmas gifts from a generous sponsor who bought gifts for all the kids and staff. The next day the kids enjoyed a morning Christmas service at the beach, followed by a swim and back home for lunch and fun, playing with their new gifts.

Karma Kandara Santa Photos

Karma Kandara Santa Photos

Licence and Independence

I’m excited that I have now got independence with an Indonesian motorbike licence. However because of my type of visa, it needs extending every month. It’s worth it though, being able to get around where I need. Now I’m looking for a good, cheap motorbike to become available for purchase.

Christmas Card

Christmas Card

Praise Reports
Each and every single one of my sponsors. Thank you so, so much for always praying for me and supporting me in this ministry.
I have continued health and safety – even more so as I am riding a motorbike
New independence for our Women’s Centre family

Prayer Requests
My visa continues to be approved
God’s favour and protection of my life
Motorbike to become available
The children and women on the streets

Contact Details
Email: [email protected]
Check out more info at
Or their Facebook page:

Blessings in Christ,

Adrienne Stone

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Dear Earth

dear earth

I wrote this poem ‘Dear Earth’ as a cry to the world. I was in my early twenties. Social justice was high in my thoughts. It’s not fair if so many people suffer while so many other people are greedy and wasteful. It would be nice if there was no citizenship except that we all belong to the same earth and we all look after each other as well as we are able. No one person controlling all. None with out, none with abundance, but a balanced life.

Dear Earth,

Please stop the hate, the tears, the pain
I can’t take this another day
Another day to hear the sadness
The trials and pain, never any gladness
Humanity is lost to lies, deceit and murder
Did we never learn to love one another?
I hear of the hurt people live out each day
Walk out the door, in my work and school
Day after day in my town and on the news
They’ve families and friends, just like you
Hate and scorn and hidden, double lives
How could we forget our children and our wives?
When did we decide to lower our value?
When did lust and greed decide for us?
Innocence is lost, another sunset over
Holiness is the standard set but we turn
Further from the truth, the grace sent to us
How can we refuse and live our own way?
He set the standard, the way, truth and life
To love one another shouldn’t be that hard
But again, bombs, guns, explosions, death
Rape, murders, suicides, and sex-slaves
Across the oceans, in our homes
When will the hating, the fighting end?
When will love be the chosen rule?
Jesus please save us from ourselves
Teach us a new way to live our life
To care for each other and share love
With the strength Jesus gives to show
The ultimate love they all need to know
~ Adrienne Stone
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Stranger Danger…or is it?



I was sitting in Centrelink with my sister and looking around at all the people waiting there. It made me go back to college days when we had to write a list of all the people in our lives by category. Intimate friends/family, other friends, and acquaintances. As I looked around I saw many faces that weren’t even acquaintances. I realised, by category, they were strangers.

How distant and sad that word is. We teach our kids about stranger danger and keeping away from people we don’t know. As if the lady playing with her baby in line behind us is out to get us all. I’m sure she has better things on her mind. Strangers aren’t dangers. There can be dangerous people out there, but that doesn’t mean we should avoid all people we don’t know. When I looked around, these strangers weren’t dangerous or scary. They actually looked just like me or you.

Regular people with regular lives. Some old, some young, some with kids, a friend or partner, some had tattoos or rings, some had nice clothes, some raggy, but take away what they had or where they were, they were just the same as me or you.

Act in love

What if instead of avoiding strangers, we taught our children to love them? By all means, teach safety, but teach them to love above all. These people are just that: people. They have friends, family and a life. They might have dreams or struggles, wants and needs. The biggest need of all is their need for their saviour.

What if instead of teaching our kids to avoid strangers, we taught them about love. Get to know them, encourage our children to talk to the person waiting in line with them. Get to know their names, where they live – maybe not actual home address, but local or perhaps they’re someone travelling through. People live in such a secluded world nowadays. We need to get back to the idea of community. The world isn’t a scary place. It wasn’t intended for that. Get back into the flow of making friends and getting to know people around you.

And don’t try saying, “I wouldn’t know where to start.” Usually a “Hi, my name’s ___, what’s yours?” Goes a long way. And even if you get a strange look every now and then, keep trying and talk some more, to others around you. You don’t have to become everyone’s best friend, but let them know that you’re not a scary person, and hey, they’re probably not that scary either.

Aren’t we called to go out and reach others? Yet we can’t do that if we live in our bubble wrap society with like-minded people, only. Note that last word. Only. It’s good to have like-minded people, but if they’re the only ones around us, then who are we reaching out to? There’s a lonely world out there, just wanting to know that they are loved. They aren’t alone and there is a God. That God is good and he loves them. Let’s start being disciples and sharing God’s love with the world. Starting with those around us.

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Jesus loves me and I know it

Jesus loves me

I remember when I wrote this someone thought I made a song. I’m not a singer nor could I write a song. I guess poem’s are a type of song – if music was added. Anyway, no matter if it is a song or a poem, Jesus loves me!

Jesus Loves Me and I Know It

Jesus loves me and I know it
I sin so much I don’t deserve it
His grace given to me so freely
So I must live out thankfully.

I know I have no perfect life
But I gotta keep on and try
Share God’s love with others
In words and actions each day

I received Christ’s abounding love
When I know I deserved it the least
So I gotta share it forth to you
Even if you may think you can’t receive it

But who are you to say
Jesus made the way
For each of us to be saved
So open your heart and pray

He’s changed my life
He’ll change yours too
The love of God is beyond
Anything I ever knew

And so my life must reflect
From the beginning to the end
Of God’s love for me and
His gift of relationship eternally

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The Garden

child, garden

Genesis 2:15-17

The Lord God took the man and put him in the Garden of Eden to work it and take care of it. 16 And the Lord God commanded the man, “You are free to eat from any tree in the garden; 17 but you must not eat from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, for when you eat from it you will certainly die.”

 Children in the Garden

“Move out of the soil, you have the entire play ground to use.” I said and quietly added to myself, “Why do you choose the one place we ask you not to play?” I was feeling tired and exasperated as I guided the toddler to a new activity. I was not 100% and just plain low on patience from repeating myself that day.

Our day care was putting a new veggie garden in the under 2year old’s yard and that new pile of dirt was just too tempting for some…ok, MOST…of them. As I stood from my kneeling position, I heard a soft whisper…

Nothing has changed

It’s just like Adam and Eve in the garden. They had the entire garden of trees to choose from, yet they came and ate from the one they were asked not to. Many parents would know that children like to push the limits and stretch the boundaries…I think that many adults do too.

Why are we given free will?

The ability to disobey seems so crazy a decision for God to give us. I’d just let us sit here and puzzle over it a while, or I could be nice and share what I learnt from Lee Strobel. Even though the earth is filled with evil and senseless things, and whilst it would seem illogical for God to give us the ability to do the ultimate evil we need to realise one truth. Every action has an opposite and equal reaction. If there’s one thing I learned (and remembered) from 10th grade science, it was that. Without the ability to choose the ultimate evil, we wouldn’t have the ability to choose (or know) the ultimate love. That love is Christ.

Perfect Love

Perfect sacrifice, death by the most torturous punishment known to man. Innocent man, dying for us, who just like to push those boundaries, a little too far. So, next time you get exasperated with your child or someone you’re dealing with, remember Christ. Remember the perfect love he showed us. Even though he could have given up, nuked earth and made a new planet of better people, he didn’t. He has chosen us and loves us. Let us love others, just as Christ loves us.