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Adrienne’s Mission in Bali | January – February 2015

KidZone Games
Happy New Year! And what a year it is turning out to be. At the Women’s Centre we had two weeks break from lessons to refresh and prepare for our new year. We believe this year is a year of growth and reaching even further into the community as a Centre. So far we are seeing growth in all our areas. I was concerned that if we stopped classes over Christmas, we’d find it difficult to get people involved again. It has turned out to be quite the opposite. When we started again, the women and kids were eager to come back. Through word of mouth, more women and kids have come to join lessons at the Women’s Centre. We are so blessed to be reaching even more people this year. We see this will grow even more as this year unfolds. Sometimes people ask me to describe a typical day at the Centre. There is no typical day, but a typical week is what we aim for. We made a schedule for lessons and activities for women and kids.

Women’s English

Women's English

Women’s English

I have now been teaching women for 7 weeks this year. Each week we have seen growth and new women joining, eager to learn. We have a new learning environment, using the main area of the house. Thank you Opa Rob for the new whiteboard mounted up. We also had to get more desks for our students as we quickly outgrew the nine we had available. We now have 18 women coming to learn each Tuesday evening at our centre.

Goa Gong English

Women learning in Guagong

Women learning in Guagong

Each Tuesday afternoon we also continue going to the community at Goa Gong and teaching women there. Last year we started these classes and had 5 women to teach. This year we are continuing those lessons, and more women are coming, as more move into the neighbourhood and they invite their friends along. Last week we had TEN women learning in their home. It is exciting to see how our classes are doubling this year, and it’s only February.

Learning Reading, Writing, Arithmetic

Children's Education Class

Children’s Education Class

Through our lessons at Goa Gong, we met 7 years old Luis, who does not go to school. We invited him to come and learn to read, write and learn some basic mathematics with Feny, our Women’s Centre coordinator. He was so shy at first, but now he comes in with a huge smile on his face. He told us about another friend of his who doesn’t go to school. So we had a desire to help this little boy and that one-on-one tutoring has grown. Now we have 3 boys, between 5 and 8 learning on Tuesday and Friday afternoons.

Sewing Teacher for Sewing Classes

Sewing Teacher

Sewing Teacher

 We are so excited to have Junio (JP), join our team at the women’s centre. She comes each Thursday to teach our women sewing skills, now we have two lessons each Thursday afternoon. An early one with women learning basic sewing skills with Ibu Ndari, who began learning at some other sewing workshops we had, and another class after that with JP, with women learning more skills, soon they will be learning to make some skirts, and “Days for Girls Packs” (women’s hygiene pads) that we can then give out to some of the women we work with in low economic situations. Read about the packs here:
Women's Centre Bali Life

Women’s Centre Bali Life

Workshops and a Safe Place

On the last Saturday of each month we hold a workshop where we have guest speakers come and share some skills with the women. In January we had a makeup workshop and 24 women came. Our February workshop was focused on craft, and the women had the opportunity to learn how to make some accessories, such as hair ties, they are

excited to learn skills they can use to make and sell in their homes.

Story Time

Story Time

In these workshops, I run a kid’s program, (aged from 18months- 8years old), with games, stories and songs, while their mums are learning. Through these workshops, Sue also shares about our other classes and our live-in program, to help women with difficult situations have a safe place to stay and a chance to learn and find work.  

The evening after our workshop in January, we had a woman show up with her two children very upset because of problems at her home. She stayed with us a week, then decided to go back home to her husband, she continues to come each week to learn English, sewing, and have counselling as she builds trust and shares with us. Her son also joins the class each week with Feny We continue praying for her and her marriage, that she may make amends with her husband and they can have a healthy relationship.

BaliLife Women's Centre

BaliLife Women’s Centre


 KidZone English

KidZone English, Bali Life Foundation

KidZone English, Bali Life Foundation

Our KidZone English classes took off running and now we have 50 kids on our attendance list! We definitely enjoy classes in the bigger space and Thursdays are busy, fun and full of energy at the Women’s Centre. In March we are splitting into two groups, Grades 1, 2, 3 first class (2.30-4pm) then afterwards straight up for Grades 4, 5 and 6 (4pm-5.30) to create more space for learning as the kids continue coming and inviting their friends.

We originally started KidZone by inviting kids from a school around the corner from our centre, handing out brochures to them and their parents as they were leaving, but through some of our other programs, we have grown and a lot more kids are coming from another school nearby and others from different schools in the area as kids share with their neighbours and friends and we continue growing through the great testimony of word of mouth.

KidZone Games

KidZone Games

KidZone Games

Each Friday we also have about 30 kids coming for KidZone games. We use these opportunities to share stories and songs and just have fun with the kids. We also have a volunteer, Tanya, from Russia here teaching the kids some painting skills. She is showing them new ways to make patterns and designs, the kids have enjoyed  that this past month. They also enjoyed a couple of weeks with some volunteers from Norway. This team was able to teach us some new games. The kids loved them and even now continue to request to play. We hope to continue providing more activities as more volunteers come sharing their skills and fresh ideas.

Bali Life English

BaliLife Foundation English Class

BaliLife Foundation English Class

Each week I also go to the Children’s Home to teach English to the kids there. We farewelled Melanie in February, who has been here teaching our highest level teenagers as well as our staff each week. On a Saturday mornings I teach four classes with the kids in primary – middle school and two high school students as well as on a Monday afternoon teaching some other middle-school teens. Each Friday evening at Bali Life Open House, there are a few kids who constantly ask, “Aunty, besok Inggris?” which basically means, “Do we have English tomorrow?” They are growing more confident and I am seeing that as we get visitors and the kids that used to be shy or not understand, can now understand and have a small conversation with our guests, which is exciting to see.

Personal Health

I would like to share that this year I have had some health issues, which I have never had problems with in my times in Bali. First I had an upset tummy and dizziness one day, not usually a big deal, but it is just another thing that isn’t right. Then I burnt my foot on a motorbike which gave me a big blister for a week and the skin is still healing. After that I had an unexplainable rash for about a week, which wasn’t itchy, but as the rash started to disappear, itchiness started and the rash returned. Then it completely disappeared as unexpectedly as it started. I also had a minor accident falling from the bike, next time I’ll make sure I break left before right – for those of you who ride motorbikes, you’ll know the importance of this. I was not going fast when I fell and I praise God I only got a huge bruise on the top of my leg for about 3 weeks and a scratch on my heel and nothing worse, all healed up fine now. Currently I am experiencing joint pain in my fingers, toes and knees, as it hurts to grip things, type, or even walk up and down stairs at times. I am not saying this to complain, I just share this to ask for prayers covering me with God’s protection and renewed health so that I can remain focused and strong for what he has called me to here in Bali.

Praise Reports

*Classes are growing and we are seeing more and more women and kids each week
*GPS – this is a funny one, but so far I have never completely lost my way driving around Bali, Google Maps always takes me to the main road again, and for that, I have to praise God. Getting lost is scarier than falling
*New sewing teacher
*Safety and protection as I ride my NEW motor bike, praise God I have one for my own use now
*Friends and amazing staff and volunteers I get to spend every day with at Bali Life Foundation
*Sponsors and Supporters – I thank God for each and every one of you who remember me and support me, whether that’s with prayers, financially or a simple message letting me know you are thinking of me, it all works to encourage me to keep going each day.
Prayer Requests
*Health is renewed to as it was before, no more pain or illness
*Visa approval continues so I can continue serving here
*Volunteers to help with KidZone on Fridays with the kids
*Volunteers to help teach the advanced levels and staff at the Children’s Home now that Melanie has gone, as my time will be even fuller as I work out times to take on these classes again
Contact Details
Check out more info at
Or their Facebook page:
Blessings in Christ,
Adrienne Stone
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Dear Earth

dear earth

I wrote this poem ‘Dear Earth’ as a cry to the world. I was in my early twenties. Social justice was high in my thoughts. It’s not fair if so many people suffer while so many other people are greedy and wasteful. It would be nice if there was no citizenship except that we all belong to the same earth and we all look after each other as well as we are able. No one person controlling all. None with out, none with abundance, but a balanced life.

Dear Earth,

Please stop the hate, the tears, the pain
I can’t take this another day
Another day to hear the sadness
The trials and pain, never any gladness
Humanity is lost to lies, deceit and murder
Did we never learn to love one another?
I hear of the hurt people live out each day
Walk out the door, in my work and school
Day after day in my town and on the news
They’ve families and friends, just like you
Hate and scorn and hidden, double lives
How could we forget our children and our wives?
When did we decide to lower our value?
When did lust and greed decide for us?
Innocence is lost, another sunset over
Holiness is the standard set but we turn
Further from the truth, the grace sent to us
How can we refuse and live our own way?
He set the standard, the way, truth and life
To love one another shouldn’t be that hard
But again, bombs, guns, explosions, death
Rape, murders, suicides, and sex-slaves
Across the oceans, in our homes
When will the hating, the fighting end?
When will love be the chosen rule?
Jesus please save us from ourselves
Teach us a new way to live our life
To care for each other and share love
With the strength Jesus gives to show
The ultimate love they all need to know
~ Adrienne Stone
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Beyond Self


I wrote this poem – beyond self – when I was in process of moving to Bali. Well, at the time I wanted to move but wasn’t sure when it would happen, as it turned out, less than 6 months later I made the big move. I was sick of everything being about me-me-me. Everywhere one goes, the lifestyle, everything one does becomes about what I can do and gain for me. When we look beyond self, we see we don’t need all that society might tell us, and when we look beyond self to help others, we can see the blessings we already have.

Beyond Self

I am not a rich man
Just a servant in disguise
I wake up every morning
Feeling restless deep inside

So I go about my day again
With many masks to wear
A smile, frown, or a silly clown
And there’s plenty more to share
No one sees the real me
The sadness that I feel
An empty heart aches again
So before you Lord, I kneel
With heart opened wide
My hands held high
And lips I cannot move
I know you hear my silent cry
Jesus rescue and deliver me
My life is not my own
Take me now to the Father’s heart
A new place that I call home
As I look beyond my little world
So many more in pain
I reach out with a helping hand
And see the light again
God my life is not my own
Use me for your will
And when the end draws near
In you I can be still
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Beautiful, Broken Women


Matthew 1:1-17

The genealogy of Jesus may not be the most exciting part of the Bible to read, but it’s still important to understand. Within this lineage, Jesus fulfilled the Old Testament requirements of the Messiah and the Old Testament covenants. Matthew retells the account of who begot whom. Mostly in first century culture, writers would focus on men. Interestingly, Matthew mentions five women, which was completely out of sync with his culture. Let’s look at the five women Matthew mentions.


In Matthew’s genealogy, five women are named Tamar (vs3), Rahab (vs5), Ruth (vs5), Bathsheba (not by name but by description – vs6), and of course, Mary (vs16). At least three of these women were Gentiles, (Tamar, Rahab and Ruth) Bathsheba was probably an Israelite (1 Chronicles 3:5) but was closely associated with the Hittites because of Uriah, her Hittite husband. By including these women (contrary to custom) in his genealogy, Matthew indicates at the very outset of his Gospel that God’s saving activity is not limited to the people of Israel.

Significant Women

It’s important for us to realise: salvation is also for women. And these women were not perfect. They had taboo histories. Apart from being Gentile, some were adulterers or prostitutes. I’m sure these girls had some very sad, rough lives before – and after – they entered this genealogy. It’s great when we read intimate details of people in the Bible. As I child I learned about them as Bible heroes, but they didn’t really have superhero powers. They became heroes due to their strength in God to stand firm and persevere in all circumstances. God used the broken stories of these women to make a beautiful story. They were included in the line of Jesus, the World’s Messiah.

Your Story

No matter your broken story, Jesus can make it something beautiful. Just have to keep trusting God and also forgive anyone who has hurt you. Depending on the hurt, it may be difficult to reach that place, yet it is achievable. Just ask for God’s love for these people to be in you. Pray that you can love them and forgive them, as Jesus also forgave you, them and even the worst of sinners. He forgave those who murdered him, how much more should we forgive others?
 A few days after jotting down these notes I received this devotion in my e-mail, it reflects what I’ve written. Check out the post on Girlfriends in God
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I want to talk about things I’ve learned from the story of Gideon in Judges 6-8.

God sent an angel to tell Gideon that he was going to lead the Israelites into victory against the Midianites. Gideon made many excuses. I’m too young. I’m too small. Judges 6:14-16. Then he set a test for God. Judges 6:36-40. Afterwards we see how God used a small army of Israelites with Gideon to defeat the Midianites in Judges 7.

Two things I love about Gideon:

1.    God doesn’t need the biggest or bravest person.
Often he chooses the smallest. It is when we are weak that God’s power truly shines through. If you feel like God is telling you to do something that you’re not so sure about, don’t worry. It’s not by your power, but by God’s spirit that it will happen.
Zechariah 4:6 “Not by might, nor by power, but by my Spirit” says the LORD.
2.    We are encouraged to test the Word of God.
Don’t just jump out and make an irrational decision. Think and pray about things before you jump ahead and do it. Acts 17:11 The Bereans examined and studied what they heard to make sure it was true and right. They were called noble because of this. If we feel that we have to go and do something for Christ, then we should be encouraged to study and pray about it first.

Gideon visited by an angelGideon testing God

Walking in God’s will

We shouldn’t be scared to walk in God’s will. If we’re claiming it is Gods will, we better make sure that it is from God and not just our own wills and wants. However, if you’re kind of in a situation where you don’t really know what to do with your life. If you’re struggling to make the next step; if you feel like you’re not really hearing from God, that’s not an excuse to sit back and do nothing either.

Busy at His Work

We’ve been told to keep busy at God’s work while we wait for his return. Don’t just sit around and do nothing. So if you’re not really sure of your life’s purpose, then Just Do Something. I’m sure God’s not going to condemn you for doing something good for his glory. It’s not hard to find what God sees as good works for him. If you’re struggling in finding God’s will then just go serve the poor and needy, share your faith with a co-worker or friend. Visit an aged-care home. There are oodles of things you could do to share God’s love. Even in your everyday life you can do that.

Say no to feelings

You may feel like Gideon and think you are too small, or the task is too impossible to carry out. You may feel scared out of your mind, but with God all things are possible. It may take a bit of trial and error. If you start out pursuing something and God wants you to go somewhere else, that’s all good too, at least you are trying. Who knows that by moving in those other areas, you could be opening opportunities to move ahead until you realise God’s will.


Saying that all things are possible with God doesn’t mean that you can do whatever you want or get whatever you want. But it does mean that whatever God wants for you and your life, he will carry that out and bring things around to give you those things.
God gives you the desires of your heart (Psalm 37:4). The deep secret desires you have, God’s given them to you. If you continue to trust and move forward to pursue that, then he will make it happen. Don’t run and fear the big things, prepare yourself to take on the big things when the opportunity arises.