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Mission in Bali August – October 2017

Happy Healthy Kids

Happy Healthy Kids

In August, Yudi and I had the opportunity to serve a friend in his outreach project. Through his project, Ferriy brings hygiene supplies to children in orphanages in the northern villages in Bali. By providing basic packs of bathroom supplies, the kids basic health needs are taken care of and kids are able to live happy, healthy lives. In August, we joined him to bring supplies to two orphanages in Karangasem. We drove three hours into the village, once there, we were able to meet and spend time reading stories and playing with some young rascals who live in an orphanage with about 14 kids. Then we went onto another orphanage where about 20 teenagers reside. The kids were so happy to receive their hygiene gifts. It’s great seeing kids get excited having the opportunity for healthy lives.

Building Confident Kids

Robot painting

Robot painting

Many kids give up on their dreams, simply because they are not encouraged in basic skills. It breaks my heart when I see little kids saying they cannot do something because it doesn’t look like how a professional does it. Through our activities such as arts and crafts, dance, and sports days, we build confidence training in our kids. It is great when I see kids learning how to paint a robot, or draw a house or family. Sure, the walls are wonky and people have blue hair, or orange skin, but the kids did it themselves and I am so proud of them for trying.

Independence Day

Independence Day

As kids learn confidence in these basic, fun skills, they build confidence to pursue their dreams for when they are older. Because they learned how to paint, they learn how to pursue learning in other areas. They can learn to cook, or teach, or be a policeman. Even short term goals like learning how to read and do mathematics. They can.

Bali Life Newsletter

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Praise Reports
Some of the Street Kids

Some of the Street Kids

  • Thanks to God we have a new church community to go to, with some people from our previous church joining.
  • Praise Jesus for the amazing team in the Street Centre. They do amazing work for the street kids centre and women’s workshop
  • I pray God’s abundant blessings for those continuing to support me in this ministry.
Prayer Requests
Getting Ready for School

Getting Ready for School

  • God’s wisdom as we go into ministry in our new church, that the church continues to grow and new families come to faith in Jesus.
  • More work for the women’s workshop. Our mums rely on regular customer orders so they can work and support their families.
  • More child-sponsors to help our children go into formal education and break the cycle of poverty in their families.
These kids don't have their parents permission to come to school yet

These kids don’t have their parents permission to come to school yet

This mum was sleeping on the side of the road with her child, not wanting to go home until she had gotten enough money from begging

This mum was sleeping on the side of the road with her child, not wanting to go home until she had gotten enough money from begging

Street Ministry Team and some of 40 kids we reach each week with food and love

Street Ministry Team and some of 40 kids we reach each week with food and love

Love picking her up for school

Love picking her up for school

Her older brother comes to school. Hope she can too, soon.

Her older brother comes to school. Hope she can too, soon.

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Mission in Bali May – August 2017

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Wow! I have experienced many changes since my last update. Bali Life is continuing to touch lives, and Street Centre now has nine children successfully graduated through bridging school. Five of these are sponsored through the Street Centre Scholarship to further their education into middle school. We have four more children ready and eager to go through bridging school just like their friends before them. Please contact me if you would like to sponsor a child.

Bridging School Education Changes Lives

God is doing wonders as we continue to see development and changes in the kids. The centre has some great teachers who invest their time and energy into the kids. We are really seeing these kids growing a strong sense of community and care as they play, laugh and learn together. We started praying before meals, then our older kids began leading prayer, and now some of our younger students also join in to lead the group in saying grace. As we are working with a variety of religions in our centre, we have to be very sensitive to the children’s families religions. We have children from Protestant, Catholic, Hindu and Islam families.

Children Pray

In order to still be able to pray with our kids and teach them to be thankful, we pray to Lord. In Indonesia, they call this general prayer where people pray together but according to their own beliefs. This is an opportunity to open doors to further witnessing as the kids know their leaders are Christians, and they see our examples. Read more about the general happenings in our newsletter above.

Positive Home Changes

Praise be to the Lord Jesus, our wedding is done and our marriage has begun. Yudi and I were so blessed by the amount of people who could attend our ceremony. Thank you all for the well-wishes and prayers from those who could not make it over to Bali. We were so blessed and got the house we were looking at, not far from our church, Bali Life Children’s Home, and our friends. The only downside is, I have a longer trip to and from the Street Centre now. Not complaining, it is beautiful to live outside the city.


We also discovered that the tree behind our house is full of juicy limes and when the wind blows, they plop down into our yard and we can use them for our own cooking and to bless others we know. Thank you also to those who gave financial blessings to us as we prepared our wedding and our marriage. We were able to buy a proper fridge – yay! – I can buy groceries and cook meals for us. We were also able to buy a washing machine. Now I can easily wash our clothes without hurting my back if hand-washing. And we save money by not going to a laundry service – double yay!

New Hours

I have reduced the days I spend at the Street Centre since coming back from my six-weeks off. I am in the centre Monday – Wednesday, from around 9:30-4pm. Then Thursday I attend staff meeting and do admin at home, such as updating Bali Life Newsletters and replying emails from volunteers. Friday – Sunday is my three-day weekend. These changes allow me more time to invest in my home and prepare for the coming week. I am, however, being flexible with my Thursdays & Fridays that if there is an event or a visitor I must meet, I can be available to come to the Centre.


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Mission in Bali February – April 2017

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I love the work still happening with Bali Life Kids and the family I have here. Did you catch my testimony shared on Facebook back in February?

I think any work with kids can have similar challenges and benefits. For sure as some of our boys grow older and hit their preteen and teenage years, they try to be the alpha-male and this keeps us on our toes. I am so blessed to have the balance of little kids who run and wrap me in a hug at random times, as well.

Like these two kids below:
Kids / Siblings

Cutest Siblings

In other news

My life has been a whirlwind of wedding planning and legal documents and processes. Stay tuned for more updates in the coming months. Next Post: Wedding Edition (maybe).

I am so grateful for the community of people around Yudi and I as we prepare for the celebration of our future together. We thank God for always being alongside us and surrounding us with good community.

Prayer Requests

Street Centre: As more kids are coming into the centre and transitioning into formal education, we pray for more sponsors for more kids to make these steps.

Health: I have been unwell for about a week now. Prayers for complete restoration, healing and strength.

Work: Recently I have signed up for some online translation jobs. Pray for work opportunities for me & Yudi.

Home: We are in process for looking for a home and furniture to fill it with. Pray we find the best home for us and furniture to make it a warm, welcoming place.

Thank you always for praying for me and for Bali Life.

PreWed Receiliart

PreWed by Receiliart


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Mission in Bali January 2017

Christmas on the Streets

It has been several months since my last mission update. Since taking on the Coordinator role, I find I am not able to update as often as I would like. God has taken me through a journey over last year, especially in the final months. He pushed me harder than I thought possible. I am so blessed with my amazing team to work with the families in the centre and on the streets.

Amazing Team

We now have two full time teachers for our classes: Defry prepares the students for exams and formal education. And Yuli through her firm and gentle ways guides our children into the basics of education. She enables them to learn social skills, respect and the basics of reading, writing and arithmetic. Preparing them to advance into Defry’s class with intense studies.

In the Women’s Workshop, we are also blessed with Ibu Netty and Ibu Claudia. Ibu Claudia works part-time, connecting with the women and customers and also being a ‘mother’ for our children. Ibu Netty is a blessing with her organizational skills and creative talents to teach the women new projects.

This year we are working together to create a stronger, supportive program to develop our children’s characters and skills. We believe all children are unique and built with purpose and dignity. We are blessed with this role to mentor and guide them. Every child is a unique creation and we love helping them discover that.


As I also write the Bali Life Quarterly Newsletters, I will start sharing the link to my blog each quarter to save me a double job. This gives an overall update of everything happening in Bali Life, including the Street Centre.

Click the link below or copy/paste into your browser to get a full update of the past three months.

It was such a blessing to catch up with everyone in Australia and share my engagement news! Thanks for celebrating with me. I know I will be busy this year in preparing for marriage and the next steps in this journey God has for me. I continue to do missions and love seeing how God moves in Bali.

Miracles on the Streets

We have been blessed by five Norwegian girls coming along with hearts to serve Jesus and help out anywhere and in anyway they can. They have been taking turns to come into the streets to minister to and love the street kids in Kuta and Legian who cannot join our centre. God is opening doors to pray for some women and children as well. That is the greatest blessing we can give to them, bringing Jesus to the streets.

The other week we were driving the car into Legian and when we parked, our car engine cut out. We tried to start it again, but the battery was flat. We decided to continue onto the streets to meet the kids and deal with the car afterwards. On return, we prayed for God to fix our car so that we would not have to push-start it. I turned the key in the ignition and Jesus answered our prayers! Our car started as normally as ever before.

God is Faithful

Jesus cares about the little things, as well as the big things. I loved the opportunity to share with the girls as we drove to and from the streets. It’s a blessing to reflect on God’s faithfulness and goodness. I aim to continue seeking his faithfulness this year in all situations.

Lamentations 3

22 The steadfast love of the Lord never ceases;
his mercies never come to an end;
23 they are new every morning;
great is your faithfulness.

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My Vision and Mission for Bali Life Street Centre

The Street Centre is a place where lives begin to change.

When children and women come into the centre they can receive a new hope for their lives. Through education and training, the centre becomes a stepping stone to break the cycle of poverty in the families we work with. The aim is not just to stop women and children begging on the streets, but to provide them with hope for their futures, dignity and a sense of self-worth, purpose, and vision for their lives. We also help women and children from disadvantaged families, who are not begging on the streets, but live in slum areas near our centre.

My vision for these women

Women can learn skills and training to earn an income. They can believe in themselves and their ability to achieve. Women can learn more ways to love and care for their families. They can encourage and support the education for their children, for their futures.

Mission for women

We achieve this vision through our women’s workshop. Giving training for the women to learn skills and earn their income through handiwork projects. By building relationships and trust with the women, they can share their troubles with us. They are able to receive advice, love and guidance. Help them see new ways for life, changing their mindsets to have more positive outcomes for their futures.

My vision for the children

Children get a value and desire for education. To learn more about the world. Through education, they can reach their dreams – learn to read, go to formal education, graduate high school. They can graduate college, get jobs, income, housing of dignity, which brings self-worth and respect. Respect for themselves, for the wider community and from the wider community. That they have no desire to be on the streets, because through education and training, they have higher purpose and means for gaining money, they have no incentive to be on the streets.

Mission for children

We achieve this by working with another organisation – Youth Shine Academy – to educate our children and help them enter formal education. We have five children from low-economic backgrounds already entered into formal education and another five enrolled for next year. Through fun activities after class time that the children enjoy such as group games, arts and crafts, sports and music.

My vision for the wider community of Bali and Indonesia

People stop giving money to beggars, to break the incentives for the street begging. That the government leaders use their authority to give these women and children education and training. To rehabilitate them from street life, which often ends in prostitution or gangs. That more foundations rise up – working in different areas for the one purpose: to bring long-term, effective change. To help to the families from low-socioeconomic backgrounds in Indonesia.