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How to Battle Bullying From Home

Love on Rails

Lately, the news has been flooded with articles addressing the horrible event of the teenager suicide. Amy “Dolly” Everett committed suicide at age 14 due to cyber bullying. Facebook and instagram has been flooded with hashtags of #stopbullyingnow and #doitfordolly to bring awareness and justice for not just Dolly but all kids who get bullied on a daily basis. How do we stop bullying and harassment? How do we create a culture across schools and nations that promotes positivity and self-worth?…

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Why You Need To Go To Church – Now More Than Ever

Recently in a “Word for Today” I read about why we should go to church and the article gave us five reasons for going. But it actually reminded me of something that the Holy Spirit put on my heart a few months ago and I wrote into a personal blog. You may not agree with all this but perhaps you can take something from it: Why You Need To Go To Church – now more than ever Not sure if…

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Ugly Past, Pretty Future

no longer ugly

I know I’m not the only person on earth who doesn’t fancy a visit to the doctor. No matter how healthy you feel, a doctor appointment is never exciting unless you are expecting a baby maybe. A few months ago I underwent a surgery to remove an ugly cyst. I have been seeing my doctor for routine check up ever since. And each time we talk about my recovery, I am reminded of what was inside of my body that could…

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Fight Well: Know Your Enemy

armour - fight well

Fight, Flee or Flow Many times in life we come to a crossroads. Are we going to fight, flee or flow? When we fight, we stand our ground and fight for what we believe. To flee is to run from conflict and let other’s deal with it, seeking a new place of comfort. Or we go with the flow, and let what happens to happen and adapt to the changes that the crossroads brings. Many times we get into fights…

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Boundaries and Rules for Protection


Whilst in worship during a recent time of fasting, God revealed to me that one of the practical ways I can worship Jesus, is by not doing things that will potentially lead me into sin. Creating boundaries of protection to keep me from sinfulness. I saw an image of my old high school. When I started in the school, the school boundary was laid out by some low walls around the premises, some parts not even walled. Easy for people to…

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