I was born and raised in Australia, in a semi-large family. Some would say 6 kids is normal, others might say my parents were out of their minds. Either way, despite many years of instability, from moving house, changing schools and even parental divorce and remarriage, God kept me firm in Him. He was my stability and security. The only place I could turn. As I was growing up, I loved to read books about orphans, missionaries or people helping the poor. So birthed in me was this desire to help change the life for those less fortunate than me. We were in no way rich, but I also knew there were people less fortunate than me and my own family.

After graduating high school, I joined a local Bible college. It strengthened my faith, built in me a lot of assurance and gave me reasons to know why I believed what I do, but aside from that, it opened the door into missions and work with orphanages. I saw that from the time I was small, God birthed in me this desire, and He lead me, through good experiences and trials, into the place where I could be introduced to this work.

After college, I spent one year helping in Bali Life Children’s Home. After that year, I went back to Australia and worked in child care, gaining skills and knowledge with the purpose of fulfilling my dream to return to Bali. I moved back to Bali, Indonesia in June 2014 and became a full-time volunteer missionary helping out families in need living in Denpasar, again with Bali Life Foundation. You may read about my experiences through the posts categorised: Mission in Bali.

Apart from updates, I am also beginning a devotional where I hope to encourage and inspire you to “press on to reach the end of the race…” Philippians 3:14 (NLT).