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August 2017

4 In Mission in Bali

Mission in Bali May – August 2017

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Wow! I have experienced many changes since my last update. Bali Life is continuing to touch lives, and Street Centre now has nine children successfully graduated through bridging school. Five of these are sponsored through the Street Centre Scholarship to further their education into middle school. We have four more children ready and eager to go through bridging school just like their friends before them. Please contact me if you would like to sponsor a child.

Bridging School Education Changes Lives

God is doing wonders as we continue to see development and changes in the kids. The centre has some great teachers who invest their time and energy into the kids. We are really seeing these kids growing a strong sense of community and care as they play, laugh and learn together. We started praying before meals, then our older kids began leading prayer, and now some of our younger students also join in to lead the group in saying grace. As we are working with a variety of religions in our centre, we have to be very sensitive to the children’s families religions. We have children from Protestant, Catholic, Hindu and Islam families.

Children Pray

In order to still be able to pray with our kids and teach them to be thankful, we pray to Lord. In Indonesia, they call this general prayer where people pray together but according to their own beliefs. This is an opportunity to open doors to further witnessing as the kids know their leaders are Christians, and they see our examples. Read more about the general happenings in our newsletter above.

Positive Home Changes

Praise be to the Lord Jesus, our wedding is done and our marriage has begun. Yudi and I were so blessed by the amount of people who could attend our ceremony. Thank you all for the well-wishes and prayers from those who could not make it over to Bali. We were so blessed and got the house we were looking at, not far from our church, Bali Life Children’s Home, and our friends. The only downside is, I have a longer trip to and from the Street Centre now. Not complaining, it is beautiful to live outside the city.


We also discovered that the tree behind our house is full of juicy limes and when the wind blows, they plop down into our yard and we can use them for our own cooking and to bless others we know. Thank you also to those who gave financial blessings to us as we prepared our wedding and our marriage. We were able to buy a proper fridge – yay! – I can buy groceries and cook meals for us. We were also able to buy a washing machine. Now I can easily wash our clothes without hurting my back if hand-washing. And we save money by not going to a laundry service – double yay!

New Hours

I have reduced the days I spend at the Street Centre since coming back from my six-weeks off. I am in the centre Monday – Wednesday, from around 9:30-4pm. Then Thursday I attend staff meeting and do admin at home, such as updating Bali Life Newsletters and replying emails from volunteers. Friday – Sunday is my three-day weekend. These changes allow me more time to invest in my home and prepare for the coming week. I am, however, being flexible with my Thursdays & Fridays that if there is an event or a visitor I must meet, I can be available to come to the Centre.