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Mission in Bali February – April 2017

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I love the work still happening with Bali Life Kids and the family I have here. Did you catch my testimony shared on Facebook back in February?

I think any work with kids can have similar challenges and benefits. For sure as some of our boys grow older and hit their preteen and teenage years, they try to be the alpha-male and this keeps us on our toes. I am so blessed to have the balance of little kids who run and wrap me in a hug at random times, as well.

Like these two kids below:
Kids / Siblings

Cutest Siblings

In other news

My life has been a whirlwind of wedding planning and legal documents and processes. Stay tuned for more updates in the coming months. Next Post: Wedding Edition (maybe).

I am so grateful for the community of people around Yudi and I as we prepare for the celebration of our future together. We thank God for always being alongside us and surrounding us with good community.

Prayer Requests

Street Centre: As more kids are coming into the centre and transitioning into formal education, we pray for more sponsors for more kids to make these steps.

Health: I have been unwell for about a week now. Prayers for complete restoration, healing and strength.

Work: Recently I have signed up for some online translation jobs. Pray for work opportunities for me & Yudi.

Home: We are in process for looking for a home and furniture to fill it with. Pray we find the best home for us and furniture to make it a warm, welcoming place.

Thank you always for praying for me and for Bali Life.

PreWed Receiliart

PreWed by Receiliart


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