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Mission in Bali January 2017

Christmas on the Streets

It has been several months since my last mission update. Since taking on the Coordinator role, I find I am not able to update as often as I would like. God has taken me through a journey over last year, especially in the final months. He pushed me harder than I thought possible. I am so blessed with my amazing team to work with the families in the centre and on the streets.

Amazing Team

We now have two full time teachers for our classes: Defry prepares the students for exams and formal education. And Yuli through her firm and gentle ways guides our children into the basics of education. She enables them to learn social skills, respect and the basics of reading, writing and arithmetic. Preparing them to advance into Defry’s class with intense studies.

In the Women’s Workshop, we are also blessed with Ibu Netty and Ibu Claudia. Ibu Claudia works part-time, connecting with the women and customers and also being a ‘mother’ for our children. Ibu Netty is a blessing with her organizational skills and creative talents to teach the women new projects.

This year we are working together to create a stronger, supportive program to develop our children’s characters and skills. We believe all children are unique and built with purpose and dignity. We are blessed with this role to mentor and guide them. Every child is a unique creation and we love helping them discover that.


As I also write the Bali Life Quarterly Newsletters, I will start sharing the link to my blog each quarter to save me a double job. This gives an overall update of everything happening in Bali Life, including the Street Centre.

Click the link below or copy/paste into your browser to get a full update of the past three months.


It was such a blessing to catch up with everyone in Australia and share my engagement news! Thanks for celebrating with me. I know I will be busy this year in preparing for marriage and the next steps in this journey God has for me. I continue to do missions and love seeing how God moves in Bali.

Miracles on the Streets

We have been blessed by five Norwegian girls coming along with hearts to serve Jesus and help out anywhere and in anyway they can. They have been taking turns to come into the streets to minister to and love the street kids in Kuta and Legian who cannot join our centre. God is opening doors to pray for some women and children as well. That is the greatest blessing we can give to them, bringing Jesus to the streets.

The other week we were driving the car into Legian and when we parked, our car engine cut out. We tried to start it again, but the battery was flat. We decided to continue onto the streets to meet the kids and deal with the car afterwards. On return, we prayed for God to fix our car so that we would not have to push-start it. I turned the key in the ignition and Jesus answered our prayers! Our car started as normally as ever before.

God is Faithful

Jesus cares about the little things, as well as the big things. I loved the opportunity to share with the girls as we drove to and from the streets. It’s a blessing to reflect on God’s faithfulness and goodness. I aim to continue seeking his faithfulness this year in all situations.

Lamentations 3

22 The steadfast love of the Lord never ceases;
his mercies never come to an end;
23 they are new every morning;
great is your faithfulness.

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