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My Vision and Mission for Bali Life Street Centre

The Street Centre is a place where lives begin to change.

When children and women come into the centre they can receive a new hope for their lives. Through education and training, the centre becomes a stepping stone to break the cycle of poverty in the families we work with. The aim is not just to stop women and children begging on the streets, but to provide them with hope for their futures, dignity and a sense of self-worth, purpose, and vision for their lives. We also help women and children from disadvantaged families, who are not begging on the streets, but live in slum areas near our centre.

My vision for these women

Women can learn skills and training to earn an income. They can believe in themselves and their ability to achieve. Women can learn more ways to love and care for their families. They can encourage and support the education for their children, for their futures.

Mission for women

We achieve this vision through our women’s workshop. Giving training for the women to learn skills and earn their income through handiwork projects. By building relationships and trust with the women, they can share their troubles with us. They are able to receive advice, love and guidance. Help them see new ways for life, changing their mindsets to have more positive outcomes for their futures.

My vision for the children

Children get a value and desire for education. To learn more about the world. Through education, they can reach their dreams – learn to read, go to formal education, graduate high school. They can graduate college, get jobs, income, housing of dignity, which brings self-worth and respect. Respect for themselves, for the wider community and from the wider community. That they have no desire to be on the streets, because through education and training, they have higher purpose and means for gaining money, they have no incentive to be on the streets.

Mission for children

We achieve this by working with another organisation – Youth Shine Academy – to educate our children and help them enter formal education. We have five children from low-economic backgrounds already entered into formal education and another five enrolled for next year. Through fun activities after class time that the children enjoy such as group games, arts and crafts, sports and music.

My vision for the wider community of Bali and Indonesia

People stop giving money to beggars, to break the incentives for the street begging. That the government leaders use their authority to give these women and children education and training. To rehabilitate them from street life, which often ends in prostitution or gangs. That more foundations rise up – working in different areas for the one purpose: to bring long-term, effective change. To help to the families from low-socioeconomic backgrounds in Indonesia.

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