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Adrienne’s Mission in Bali | April 2014

English Class

Bali Life

Bali Life has a vision for the women and children begging on the streets. To help the women get counselling through their past hurts. Learn life skills, enter training programs. Find opportunities for employment. Also send their children to school, so they don’t enter into the cycle of poverty all over again. Each week their street ministry teams go into the streets of Kuta. They meet these women and children. Building connections through games for the kids and food for them all. They chat and hear the women’s stories and invite them along to Bali Life Widow’s Home. They’ve already brought in one woman and her family and are reaching out to more women. They’re earning their trust, to bring them to Bali Life Women’s Home. To give them a better chance. Some of these women have children younger than 12 months old. Others have children who have to work and sell bracelets, just to buy food and pay their school fees, two grades (or more) behind others their own age. When these women and their children come into Bali Life, they’re loved and cared for. They receive three meals a day of rice, meat (or meat substitute) and vegetables. Children are enrolled at a local school as soon as possible and when women have completed some training, Bali Life helps them find employment. Going to work helps the women to have hope, dignity, purpose and self-worth as they raise their children as single mums.

My Experience

In 2008 I took my first mission trip to Bali to serve in orphanages for 4 weeks, including Bali Life, as part of Ministry Training College in Coffs Harbour. In 2009 I continued MTC and added a course to teach English as a second language. I took my placement in Bali and went again to Bali Life for 6 weeks.
English Class

Teaching English at Bali Life 2009

In 2010 I served at Bali Life for 6months teaching the kids English in the home and another class for the village kids. Since coming back to Australia, I have continued going to Bali each year to keep the communication and doors open with Bali Life.
English Community Class 2010

English Class

When I went there in November 2013, I served 2 weeks in Bali Life teaching English at the orphanage and chatting with the family at the new Women’s Home, as it was not set up until 2013, and I got to learn a little of how it runs and the vision for the women. I was also privileged to join their street team one night, playing with the kids, sharing food and talking with the women, my heart ached for these women and children. I came back with renewed vision of what to do.

My Vision


women and children

Beginnings of Women’s English Class

In June 2014 I am setting off to Bali Life where I’ll teach the women and children English, in the Women’s Home, on the streets, from the surrounding village and at the Bali Life Orphanage. Learning English is an important part of life in Bali as there are so many tourists in Bali. Indonesians understand that as English is a universal language, when they can speak English, they have a greater chance of entering university and gaining a respectable job when finishing school. If you’re interested in knowing more about this ministry, receiving newsletter updates, or want to know how you can help me get over to Bali again to minister to these women and children, alongside the Bali Life Foundation, please don’t hesitate to message, via facebook or email, and ask any questions, and I’ll endeavour to answer them as best I can.

Prayer Needs
Health and Safety in my travels

Approval for my visa application
Personal sponsorship to continue ministering long term

Contact Details

Facebook: www.facebook.com/adrienne.smiles

Check out more info at www.balilife.org
Or their Facebook page: www.facebook.com/balilife
Blessings in Christ,
Adrienne Stone

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